I Am Getting The Funds

My blog is now nearly three months old and I can say that I am earning with it. I already have the earnings in my Paypal account for the month of August: from PPP=$170.95, BBR=$9.10, iHype=$45.00. I decided to get the funds to shop for pasalubong (gifts) for my family back home this coming holiday season. At least, I am using my earnings for a good purpose. I am so thankful for the blessings.

For bloggers who want to enjoy earning while blogging, feel free to navigate below my page and join me here.

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10 thoughts on “I Am Getting The Funds

  1. wow up to now i can’t get opps from ihype.

    i hope i could get as lucky as you this month para may pang add me sa budget for gift for my “sangkatutak” na inaanak..


  2. i’d love to make money online. But paypal requires credit card *_*, I don’t have…

  3. Hi,
    wow that’s great that you’re making that much. congratulations!

  4. @lisa
    thanks ha

    @ joann
    you log on to ur 3P acct den go to Opps dashboard early in the morning and usually late in the afternoon till evening. once opps are white and yellow, they’re available to get.

    @ twerlyn
    they send u ur matched opp in ur ihype dashboard.so u should log to ur acct and check everyday.

  5. hello marly! my blog is approved at ihype.. but i dont know how to use their market place.. could you please teach me how to look for opps?thank you!

  6. wow! that’s a handsome income! paano ba nalalaman pag magre-release na ng OPP ang PPP?

  7. you’re luckier with iHype as you were able to get more opps there. ako, wala e:( one opp lang pala:)

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