Good Luck To All The Participants

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who casted their votes for my Dream Job entry in the last two months.’s “Dream Job For A Day” campaign has ended and the voting is now closed. I am so delighted because my entry is included in the top ten ranking. Right now is in the process of judging the video entries. To all the participants, good luck to us!

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5 thoughts on “Good Luck To All The Participants

  1. @ student cyclist
    i post my answer in ur recent post.

    @ shawie
    tnx sha pero im sure im not goint to win there.

    @ honey
    ok lang honey..tnx sa reply mo

    @ annaberly
    hehehe.tnx ann..just got the guts to join for experience.

  2. Hey marlyn Congrats…

    Btw, sori di kasi ako ang gumawa ng layout. I bought it from Vhiel, kaya wala me alam dun..sad..

    Thanks for the comments..


  3. wow! Congrats, gurl! 🙂 I joined in but never really promote it, I never even visited the site, bad me eh?

  4. FutureResume? I just heard about it? What kind of program is that? Could you tell us how we can benefit with this? Thanks…

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