Let The Experts Fix Your Car

As much as possible we don’t want to get involved in accidents. That’s why we do our best to be a good driver and traffic rules obedient. But in reality, there are some who messed up on the road that leads to car damages. How do these people deal with it? I know it is too late for regrets but the best thing to do is to bring the vehicles to the experts in auto body repairs. Collision repair experts will restore damaged vehicles to their pre-accident condition. No other auto body repair workers can give high quality service than they do.

This Post Brought To You by Collision Repair Experts.
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Back In The Mood

Instead of blaming myself about what happened last night, why not eat some of these? They will certainly take away my embarrassment to bring me back in the mood. We bought these apple pastry bites yesterday. They contain corn syrup and dried apple fillings that give fine, sweet flavor. The toppings are made of coarse sugar. These are good for light snacks or even for deserts. Yummy!

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Ugh! I Still Feel Bad

Until now I am still feeling bad about myself. I was working on creating a navigation menu on my other blog last night but the result was a disaster. I lost all my links! Darn! I hate myself for being a “trying hard”. My husband wondered what’s going on because all of a sudden I was muttering. I told him the problem. He asked me if I saved the new codes. I answered, “Yes”. Then he said, “Hon, I think there’s nothing else you can do but to type back those links again to your blog”.

Huhuhu! A lesson for you Marlyyyyy!!!

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