If You Love Cooking, You Will Like This

When I learned about Wii games from my friend Nori, I got interested. Recently I found a newly released game called Order Up! I was amused watching the Order Up! Trailer over and over. Like other Nintendo Wii games, Order Up! is a remote manipulated game that will take you to the cooking environment. Yes. If you are a dedicated cook at home, a person who wants to learn cooking, or dreaming of becoming a chef someday, Order Up! is right for you. The core gameplay of Order Up! is cooking. Players must craft dishes in a hectic restaurant kitchen, managing their cook top stations (grill/griddle, range, cutting board and the pass) while also managing assistant chefs in the kitchen and their tasks.

In addition, these features also include rising through the ranks of the culinary world from fast-food to world-class restaurants as being the owner or cook while showing your cooking talent working on your recipes as well as managing your kitchen’s equipments. This is very exciting because you will also be facing tough clients and judicious food critics as you go along in this new cooking game. Designed specifically for the Nintendo Wii, Order Up! will take advantage of the Wiimote’s motion sensing technology to simulate real cooking with real kitchen tools like knives, wooden spoons, tongs, ladles, and more. This is going to be a hit for hobby and cooking enthusiasts like me. Curious? Watch the Order Up! Trailer and get one now.

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