Doing the Household Chores Today

Usually I do a lot of chores on Wednesdays but laziness struck me yesterday (smiles). So I got a bunch of stuff to do today. Anyways, when I was in my teens I don’t like doing chores. What I wanted is to play and hang out with friends. But that was only an aspiration because I did a lot of work in the house since I am the eldest in the family. So I am used to doing household chores. What I don’t feel is doing the laundry. My mother and I had a hard time doing the laundry because we don’t have a washing machine before. Then I worked as a house help one time in a family with lots of kids. I think that family has nine children. And they gave me the schedule for the laundry only on weekends. That was ridiculous! I have to wash about four large baskets of dirty clothes. I decided to get out of that job. I promised myself I will get my mother a washing machine as soon as I get a good job. Blessings came and my family is doing well at home now. I think I can survive without helpers. But if the going gets tough, it depends.

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