Here Comes The Media

Correct me if I’m wrong, I think three months from now is America’s National Election. But most of the people now are getting hyper. They are concerned about who’s going to win the election. The family here was sharing our own opinions regarding some of the issues. We just read an article in UberSpat recently saying the media supports Obama’s presidential campaign. As far as I am concerned, media should show neutral phase here. I think this is the problem with the media. Sometimes they exaggerate things.

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2 thoughts on “Here Comes The Media

  1. paid media i guess,lol…
    anywies, you’re right, media shudnt be taking sides…but its up to you to filter out things…election-politics, filthy!lol…

  2. Welcome Marlyms to my blog.
    Thanks for your words of appreciation and blogrolling me.
    God bless.

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