She Is So Excited

Pinay Writer and I chatted a couple of minutes ago in yahoo messenger. She was so excited about her blog approval with triple P. I told her to log in quickly because triple P was releasing jobs tonight. So she did. There are lots of jobs available for her. Since she’s still learning how to get those, she barely got one :). We were laughing due to excitement. Welcome to the blogosphere, Pinay Writer. Have fun!
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Shopping For The Holidays In Advance

Time flies really fast. September will be here next week. I get excited just thinking about the “BER” month starts. It only means that I have to begin preparing my gift list for the coming holidays. Yehey!

I like to shop for presents. For me, it is fun and exciting. My husband and I talked about that few days ago. I find it handy buying the things I need for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day in advance. It is easy for me to select from wide choices without bumping around with other shoppers. For example, I buy decors ahead of time. Then the gifts will be next.

Since excitement runs over me, I started checking with and I saw a huge selection of products from various famous stores. These stores present their products in a very affordable deal. I’ll say almost all of the stuff for our shopping needs is in From apparels to technology gadgets, they have it. We’ll have to choose which store we’d like to shop. I find reasonable-priced electronic gadgets such as iPod, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, and others in circuit city ad. I remember my sister asked me for an iPod when I talked to her a month ago. I guess she’s going to have one this Christmas. Like Circuit city ad, I bet there will be more attractive markdown prices and great deals in officemax specials before the Christmas holidays.

This is great because shopping online is convenient. So there’s no need to deal with holiday rush. The best day to shop online is on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Day. Shoppers are also kept up-to-date with’s alerts for new posted black Friday advertisements. This is certainly a consumer friendly site that is useful for planning your holiday shopping. Visit now. Browse and shop.

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That 70’s Show Entertains Me

“Hanging out, down the street
The same old thing, we did last week…
…Not a thing to do but talk to you

We’re all alright
We’re all alright
Hello Wisconsin!”

I am watching That 70’s Show on FX channel right now. I can’t help laughing because the characters are so hilarious. The show is very entertaining. This is my favorite television show as of the moment. By the way the show is also airing in ABC Family, FOX, and The N. Another thing, there’s That 70’s Show marathon on Monday, September 1, from 7AM to 7PM on FX.

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