‘You Like Nuts?

‘You like nuts? Hey, not the one on your mind. I mean nuts…like peanuts, almonds, cashew and the like. Are you fond of eating those?As you know, peanut isn’t a nut. It is a member of the legume family and is unrelated to nuts. Health experts said that peanuts are rich source of protein. Peanut protein and other legume proteins such as soy protein is the nutritional equivalent of meat and eggs for human growth and health. Some say peanuts are an unbalanced source of fat. But there are brands of peanut butter fortified with Omega 3 to balance the source of fat for healthy heart.
I like peanut butter but I am not fond of almonds, cashew…etcetera. I remember when I was young, some people was telling us that we’ll get pimples whenever we eat peanuts. Well, peanut contains oil that was said to be the healthful type that has been associated for skin health. But if you have oily skin and you eat lots peanuts, this might be the instance you will get pimples. Some also said eating nuts will make you smart. I can’t help myself smile whenever I look back to the days I was still in high school…clumsy and innocent. My close friends and I were like eating peanuts a week before the examanition. Hahaha! That was really funny. Maybe there’s something in peanuts that enhances the memory or something. That’s what I want to know.

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