Takemi Select New Jade Vista 5000 Massage Bed

Here’s an amazing product for people like me who wants to maintain the body’s health and fitness. Takemi Jade Vista 5000 Massage Bed is a high technology massage bed that is likely to be beneficial to everybody. Equipped with therapeutic systems like Far Infrared light & heat (LightSpeed) and The Chiropractic Masseuse, Takemi Jade Vista 5000 Massage Bed is the best therapy for people with health and fitness problems. You might ask how these system works.

The Far Infrared is the wavelength of light which comes from the technologically advanced helium projector bulbs installed in the massage bed. The light distributes an unparalleled deep-tissue body penetration safer than any other form of heat and light. The level of light absorption provides detoxification, moxibustion, and soothing relief all over the body from ailments. Of course you can select the level you want for your comfort.

The Chiropractic Masseuse system in the massage bed works to relieve back problems and chronic posture related symptoms by reducing muscle spasms and promoting correct vertebrae alignment. The muscles relax and release toxins when they are covered by LightSpeed rays. Then the natural Chiropractic adjustments occur within the skeletal frame, encouraging healthy and proper re-alignment of the spine. In addition, Takemi Jade Vista 5000 Massage Bed also has a built in MP3 Player headphone set which you can use to listen to your favorite music while you are relaxing.

This product is great not only for homes but for those who have massage clinics too. As long as we care for our well-being, everything is possible even a good posture. Good posture means good health. Visit Takemi Select Wholesale Outlet now. Grab the lowest price offer and experience the soothing, healthy advantage.

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