I Got Emotional

Have you ever watched the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus? It is a very touching movie about a frustrated composer starred by Richard Dreyfuss as Glen Holland. Mr. Holland is a high school music teacher. He has a passion in music and he teaches his students with dedication. During his teaching career, Mr. Holland works hard to pay the house rent and to provide for his family. The film featured some important issues in American history from the 1960s to the 1990s like John Lennon‘s assassination, the Vietnam War, and others. Mr. Holland has a son who has a hearing incapacity. Knowing about his son’s condition has just added to his frustration and disappointment that caused conflict between them.

I got emotional as I watched the movie in AMC Channel this evening. I couldn’t help crying in the scene where Mr. Holland sings the “Beautiful Boy” song with sign language and dedicated to his son, Cole. The movie showed love, drama, and inspiration.

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