Refreshing and Healthy

Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits. I can eat a big slice like what you see in the picture. My father in-law brought us a big, oblong-shaped watermelon from Tyler. I sliced the flesh into triangular shape and put them in a container for desert and snack.
As you know, this juicy fruit is rich in vitamins A, B, and C as well as a good source of lycopene. Watermelon has extremely high water content. This thirst quenching fruit can be found in abundance during summer. You can find a variety of watermelon but I love the with the red flesh. You can tell its sweetness by the deep red-pink color. This is a refreshing and nutritious snack for me. No other fruit inside our fridge right now than watermelon.

Sweats Away

I just had my morning jog today. This is my routine every other day because I do a little bit of dancing also. Truly it feels good getting a good sweat. I ran around the neighborhood for about 30 minutes, the usual. Jogging also helps in blood circulation. As our heart beats faster, the blood rushes in every vein, our lungs open and ready take plenty of oxygen. It feels good. Then after getting a 10-minute rest, drinking a glass of cold water or juice cools down the body heat. Refreshing!