My Favorites from Victoria’s Secret

I got some stuff from Victoria’s Secret today. My desired perfume was in a good deal so I grabbed a set without thinking twice. Victoria’s Secret has good quality of women’s apparel, lingerie, cosmetics, perfume products and more. One of my favorite scents is the Dream Angel’s Heavenly and is America’s No. 1 fragrance. It has a very soothing and sexy scent that will turn your senses on. Victoria’s Secret has great selection of pretty and stylish undergarments. I do love their shirts and sleepwear too.

2 thoughts on “My Favorites from Victoria’s Secret

  1. pareho tayo ng like chubz…Dream Angel’s Heavenly. s’wabe ang bango nya…

  2. i LOVE this scent. i like scents a lot. when i was in college, i liked Victoria Secret’s Love Spell. when i started to work, i changed scent to Strawberries and Champagnes. then i changed again to Bath and Body Works this time and loved their Moonlight Path. i went back buying Victoria Secret, shifting to perfumes instead of the body splash. my favorite is 33 and Dream Angel’s Heavenly.

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