Sharing Helpful Wedding Ideas

They say June is the best time for a wedding. We are familiar about the marriage tradition that there is no other more romantic month than this. Whatever the reason, a lovely, elegant, and an unforgettable wedding is the most important goal of every couple.

I got married two months ago and it was a simple but splendid garden wedding in Tyler, Texas. Since the condition in relation to my entry status in the USA as K-1 visa holder or Fiancée is 90 days, I should marry within that period. We had a brief preparation time and we have to make it soon. With the help of my husband’s family, everything has gone into place and the wedding became successful.
What I am trying to imply is that, it doesn’t matter if your wedding is going to be so soon and you have two or three months of preparations. It is a matter of good planning and cooperation. Planning your wedding from what colors you might like as the motif, the wedding cake, and to the location you want the reception to be held. And cooperation between family members to make the occasion fantastic is a big help. But if you are a budget conscious person and hiring a wedding planner is too much for you, these simple tips might be of a big help.

  • Marriage License – This is the very first document you will have to get before getting married.  Go to the nearest County Clerk in the county where you and your better half currently live.
  • Shoes – In my opinion, wedding shoes for the bride should be bought after the gown is done or purchased. A simple designed white or silver-strapped medium-heeled shoes are awesome. And for the groom’s shoes, he might want to use his rarely-used formal shoes or buy a new pair of men’s wedding shoes.  Men don’t spend 30 minutes in shoes department like some women do.  When they found what they want, they grab, pay, and go
  • Accessories – As far as I am concern, wedding accessories for the bride doesn’t have to be costly. Some women are quite selective when it comes to jewelries. But if you can find a good pair of drop-earrings, like cultured pearls, that would be nice.
  • Wedding Band – It is better that you must order your wedding bands two or three weeks before the wedding day. In some cases, jewelers will ask you to come back to their store to fit the rings. If you have any concern about the rings, you still have time to accommodate them.
  • Bridal Bouquet and Flowers – Look for a florist nearby. They will give you an affordable deal and also offers plenty of bouquet styles that will coordinate your motif.
  • Venue –Make sure that the wedding venue is agreed by both parties. If you want it to be held at the beach, garden, or in a hotel, check the availability. Don’t forget to consider the weather too.
  • Invitations – Personalized invitations are cool. But if you can find affordable invitation set online, go for it! Note: Don’t forget to enclose a map of the wedding and reception venues. You don’t want your guests to be lost.
  • Guests – Make sure that guests confirmend their attendance a week before the wedding. Do a head count including the children, so that you will have an idea how much food to be catered at the reception.
  • Cake – This can be simple yet delicious. You may want to have it done from a bakery near you. And accessorizing it with fresh flowers is fine. My wedding cake was awesome. In fact, the flowers were freshly picked from my husband’s parents’ garden. That was a sharp idea.  Cute.
  • Reception – Again, both parties should agree where the reception will be. The place should be accessible from the wedding venue. Browse for hotels for affordable package.
  • Food – I think the best time of the day for a wedding is between 10:30 AM to 12:00 NN because it is better to serve a complete lunch meal.
  • Tie – Do not ignore this thing. Make it sure that the color of the groom and best man’s tie coordinate with the color of the maid of honor’s dress.
  • Honeymoon Destination – Reserve early so that you won’t get a hassle after the wedding.

Every woman dream of having a fantastic wedding. I hope these tips I shared can be of help to you. Remember to make a checklist.