My view on E-gadgets

Hi y’all! Eversince I was a kid I am so fond of electronics technology. I wanted to learn how to manipulate computers, play station, i-pods…etc. Mobile phones are one of my favorites too. I always want to know new innovations beyond the wired world. So far, I am doing good and still learning. Isn’t it fun?

However, there are people who are spending most of their time on these gadgets. For example: playing play station almost the whole day, texting non-sense, and other unsignificant things. I think these people must make their time worthwhile. They should appreciate the people around them and appreciate new alternative hobbies other than straining fingers on these things.

I know this is our chance to enjoy technology’s offer to a curious individual like me but we should know our limitations.

2 thoughts on “My view on E-gadgets

  1. See how these things affect people’s attitudes? For me, it’s not hard to put some politeness courtesy even if you’re so “in” with the gadget like cell phone.

  2. I like technology too, but to tell you the truth, cell phones are the biggest cause of rudeness that there is. I work with people, often times they come to me with a computer problem, I’ll be trying to explain to them what to do and their cell phone rings, “Hold that thought,” then they get mad at me.

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