Are Your Ready To Go?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you ready to go?  That’s what my husband always ask whenever we are going somewhere.  I spend about an hour preparing like getting dressed and stuff like that.  It feels awkward knowing that somebody is waiting for you.  Anyway, we will go to town to shop for new clothes and shoes today.  He needs new work shirts and I want to look for women’s accessories.  We will also buy gifts to bring to my family back home on our vacaton in December.  Since it is Back-To-School season is here, deals and discounts on children’s clothing and shoes are up.

We have a Famous Footwear coupon, and it can be used to buy shoes for my niece and nephews.  My sister told me that the kids haven’t got new shoes this year, so I want to bring a couple of pairs for each one of them.  This promotion from Famous Footwear is of great help not only for me but also to parents who are shopping for back-to-school shoes for their kids.  Nowadays, even a little discount on items in-store or online is good.  Joining the FREE rewards program is also an advantage because of privileges such as earning 1 point for every $1 spent, annual gift certificates (for accumulated points), discounts…etc.  Shoe shopping experience in-store is great with these perks.

If you are traveling soon, might as well buy your kids their school supplies, new apparel and shoes now before you miss the best items.  If you haven’t done yet, avail the BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon for your kids’ footwear needs.  Let’s go!


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Summer Swimming Lesson

This summer, if you want to take swimming lessons, try registering at your nearest recreation center or go to a YMCA.

Last week, I registered my daughter for swimming lessons at YMCA here in Rockwall.  And yesterday was her first day of swimming.  Actually this is the second time she’s swimming in the pool.  I chose to enroll her on Saturdays because the rate is much cheaper (parent included) than weekday sessions.  Plus, I can get my husband to come with us because he is off on Saturdays.

Taking swimming lessons during summer is one of the biggest activities that kids, even adults, can do.  This is not only to maintain health and fitness but also a good opportunity to take for future summer getaways.  Learning basic swimming technique can be of great advantage.

I let my husband accompany my daughter in the pool because I was quite not feeling well yesterday.  At first, my daughter did not want to go in the water without me.  But with a little convincing talks, she and daddy joined the group in the pool.  It is an indoor pool so there is no direct sunlight.  It is really nice to know that there is a YMCA in town where kids and adults can join an activity like this.

Perfect Women’s Accessory

Man, it’s August already!  My husband and I were talking at dinner time about our upcoming vacation.  We’re kinda surprised because it’s August and we haven’t done anything yet as to travel preparation is concern.  We have to start gathering our things together.

As I was looking for luggage online, I thought of looking for new watch.  The wristwatch I bought two years ago gave up.  Well, it needs new battery.  But I want a new one.  I am surfing for diamond watches.  Who knows, we will be going on a cruise soon and a diamond watch is a perfect accessory for me to wear on the ship.

About our upcoming trip, I actually started wrapping gifts for Christmas to ship next month to my family back home.