Hawaiian Falls Garland Part 1

The view from my spot in the parking lot

I had a girls day out with friends this afternoon.  I was invited by one of my girl friends to go to Hawaiian Falls Water Park in Garland.  I thought it was a far away but I was wrong.  The place is like 30 minutes drive from my place.  Few of the girls already arrived at the Water Park about noon because some of them reserved admission tickets.  I thought I would be able to get there by 2 P.M. but didn’t.  Though I arrived very late at about 3 P.M., it was a good thing because my friend (whom I bought a ticket from) did not leave her house until 2:30 afternoon.  Upon arrival, I looked for a parking spot.  The parking area near the entrance was fully occupied.  It took me ten minutes driving around until I finally find a parking spot.  Above is a photo I took from where I parked.  You can see the big towering slide.  Just looking at it and hearing the guests scream as they slide gets me excited to in.  The entrance gate is located far to the right.

And man, I had difficulty parking.  Because I took my husband’s truck, parking was always a problem.  I thought I would be able to squeeze in between a car and a van.  What I did not see was the car left a very tight space for me to get in.  To avoid scratching the car, I had to move up to the sidewalk so I can maneuver the truck in the right position.  Whew!  Glad the truck has new tires.

Anyway, after a few minutes waiting, my friend arrived and met me at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park entrance gate.  She bought admission tickets online for a cheaper price.  The ticket prices are as follows:

$25.99 per person – 48 inches and over

$19.09 per person – under 48 inches, senior citizens, and military (with I.D)

Free Admission – children 2 years and under

$89.99 Seasons Pass – includes 2013 season

$10 Cooler Pass

$8 Locker rental – all day

Join the fun aboard the Jewel Of The Seas

The Jewel Of The Seas is one of four vessels that make up Royal Caribbean’s Radiance Class of ships, each of which set sail for some of the most amazing parts of the world throughout the year.

Although not the largest vessel in the company’s fleet, the Jewel is no less spectacular or well equipped. You can take your pick from a splendid variety of restaurants, cafes and bar areas, and enjoy a wonderfully friendly and elegant atmosphere.

As with its sister ships in the Radiance Class and all of Royal Caribbean’s main vessels in fact, there is a massively broad range of activities that you can get involved with or ignore to your heart’s content while on board the Jewel Of The Seas. You can have a round of crazy golf, or play some volleyball, climb a purpose-built outdoor wall or even play pool on a table designed to somehow stay level even out on choppy waters.

Perhaps the most impressive attraction on board though is the adults-only solarium, which is surrounded by lush foliage and offers passengers every chance to relax and unwind without a care in the world. The solarium sits right within the centre of the ship and with a retractable roof it is quite a remarkable design feature. Another striking element of the ship’s design is the scale and range of window spaces that allow passengers to enjoy views out to sea more often and more thoroughly than with almost any other commercial vessel that’s out there.

In terms of destinations, the Jewel sails to areas not so far from the UK like Scandinavia, the northern fjords and Iceland, as well as rather more far-flung regions like Canada and the Caribbean. And while Royal Caribbean tends to offer some of the best value holidays available to UK consumers at any given time you might also want to consider the best P&O cruise deals on offer if you’re planning a trip this year or next.

New Tires For Our Cars

Both of our vehicles are due for new tires.  My husband bought new tires for his truck and they worth $600 (4 of them).  He had been talking about replacing the tires for sometime now and this weekend he went he bought new ones.

It is highly recommended to replace the tires of your cars or other vehicles immediately once you see that their getting thin.  Chances of getting flat tires or difficulty driving in the rain can arise if you prolong the replacement.  This is one way of keeping our vehicles in good condition.

As for my car, my husband will buy new tires the soonest possible.