Off To Canada Soon

A friend of mine share d a good news today.  She and her son were approved for visa to Canada.  They filed their application for visa two years ago and, finally, they were scheduled for a medical examination and interview.  Thankfully, everything went well.  Now they are preparing all the things needed for departure.

We worked together in a computer college back home.  Since then, she had been wishing to go abroad.  When the Dean of the school applied for a job in Canada, she got inspired to try it.  She told me that it was not easy for her to prepare the required documents because she has a son and was separated from her husband.  I am very happy that my friend reached a new milestone in her life.

So we talked about our Dean who is in Canada now.  He still keeps in touch with us and gives advice on whatever decision his former subordinates make.  My friend and I told him about the good news.  Of course, he’s happy for her.  If she and her son get to arrive in Canada, he and his family might see her.  That would be a nice idea.

My friend is planning to leave after the holidays since she still needs to train someone who will take her place in the computer college.  Also, she has to wait for the school year to end so it will be easy for her son.  By the time being, they won’t be on her mother’s birthday.  I told my friend that a surprise birthday gift in the mail would be great.  That’s what I did on my mother’s birthday.  I sent a nice clothing from her favorite designer brand and a dozen of fresh roses. I told my friend that she can order bouquets from fleuriste à québec.  There should be no hassle.

Well, congratulations to my dear friend.  May God bless her in the new endeavor.  I sure miss her.

Hawaiian Falls Garland Part 2

View of the Torpedo slide from the outside.
Aloha! Welcome to Hawaiian Falls

After having a snack, I put on my simple and conservative swimwear to get ready for the water adventure.  To be honest, this is the first Waterpark I have visited since I arrived in the US.  And so here I was posing and ready to go to the Waikiki Beach.  It is a wavepool where big waves are enjoyable.  I did not get to take pictures at the Waikiki Beach wave pool.  I’m sorry.

The Lazy River

From the wave pool, we tried the Lazy River.  The water currents go around the Cabana area.  Here we just went with the flow of the  water to rest for a while.  Tubes are available and free of charge.  You only have to wait for one.

My friend and her husband waiting for an available blue tube.

It was a very pleasant day.  Water Parks like the Hawaiian Falls operate only during hot season or summer season.  So people take advantage of the nice weather and the heat of the summer sun to visit these places with family and friends to have fun as well as staying cool.  Hawaiian Falls Water Park accommodates special events like birthdays.  Even simple get-together parties can be held there too.  For inquires about the admission ticket pricing and season’s pass, go to

The bridge to the Cabanas
Invading the kids’ splash area

Photography And Traveling

Documenting your travels is not as difficult as the previous years’ use of manual cameras.  I owned a manual camera where I had to buy films (which are still used today) and disposable batteries.  Though I admire the captures of a manual camera, there are convenient features a digital camera has that I like better.  And I do not have to replace batteries more often.

I like taking pictures while traveling .  I bet you are too.  If you are on the road as a travel photographer and you require more quality output, an on-location camera rental is available.  And if you are exploring the State of Florida, Camera Rental Miami can provide you the high-tech digital equipment for your photography needs.  This is also a good suggestion for those who are into doing some photography projects in school.

Ordinary travelers like me can also take advantage of renting cameras (in case if we forgot one or lost it).  Photos and videos of our vacation and adventures in the magnificent places in the world are the most valued keepsakes. They can be passed on from one generation to another, which makes them really like a treasure.  High quality photos and videos will last long.