Lunch At Lucy’s Grill

The whole family went to visit my brother-in-law and his family.  And to celebrate his birthday in advance, we all had lunch together in Celina (Texas).

Actually, my his wife planned for a surprise birthday for him.  Few of his co-employees, other friends, and family friends had already been informed about the surprise party.  But an unexpected circumstance happened so the party was cancelled.

We all went to a restaurant in downtown Celina.  It’s called Lucy’s Grill.  It is a home-cooking restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Celina.  From my brother-in-law’s house in Prosper, going there is about 20-25 minutes depending on traffic.

Entrance Lucy’s Grill
Memorablia at the entrance
The big Longhorn inside the restaurant. My sister-in-law said that her name is Lucy.

The food was good.  Though we waited for over 30 minutes for our orders to finally served, I say that they serve good mashed potatoes.  We were kinda unimpressed with the waitress attending to us.  She seemed like she did not like to be there.  Her facial expression looked like she did not like our table.  My husband keps on commenting while we were eating.  I told him if he wants to complain about the waitress’ service, better go talk to the manager.  He said he’ll not waste his time.  If he goes, he’ll talk more than that.

After lunch, we head back to my brother-in-law’s house for a visit, photo shoot, and gift opening.  He’s now over-the-hill age so got funny cards.  My daughter had fun playing with cousins and with aunts as well.

Meet The Fairy HobMother

As we go traveling in our daily lives, we get to experience ups and down along the way.  We see nice places and the not-so-nice areas too.  But what’s good is that when we met new friends as we pass by.

We also experience adventures not only in the real world but also in the cyber world.  And in the blogosphere, we meet new friends from around the globe.  I am pleased to say that I met the Fairy Hobmother and visited me.  Yes.  And because he is a fairy, he loves bringing cheer to everyone especially in the blogosphere.  Who knows, will come visit you and sprinkle lucky dusts to your blogs too.  So better prepare your wish.  He is currently looking at Top 5 Washing Machines.

If you want to know more about our Fairy Hobmother, follow him on twitter @Fairyhobmother.  In addition, please leave me a comment here to get his attention.  Are you anxious?

Hawaiian Falls Garland Part 3

Hawaiian Falls Waterpark Garland entrance

Though my friend and I were late arriving, it did not take us long to enter the waterpark.  At the entrance, we have to get a cooler pass because she brought one.  We agreed to split the fee of $10.  Our friends were waiting for us under the tree few steps further the entrance gate.  We did not rent a cottage or anything.

Hawaiian Falls Waterpark in Garland is a perfect place for family summer outing.  Thrill rides are available for grown ups and young kids over 48 inches tall.  Swimming pools and splash areas for kids are of great fun.

One of the big slides in Hawaiian Falls
Someone had just zoomed down the The Flying Hawaiian And Monsoon.

I did not get to splash down this ride.  But my friend and I went to try the Rush, the big blue twirl on the right.  And boy it was nice!  There’s music playing in that thing that you can barely hear yourself screaming.  I am still waiting for my friend to tag me the photos from the ride.

Keiki Cove is the place for kids 12 years and younger. The bucket full of water pours down to the kids waiting underneath.
Heading to the Splash Water Reef

I had a great time with friends at the Hawaiian Falls Waterpark Garland.  Looking forward to go there again next year.