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Happy New Year, I’m On Bloglovin

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Happy New Year 2016!  I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Holidays.  Wishing you more traveling opportunities and lots and lots of travel blessings.  Cheers!

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6 Essentials for a Comfortable Home Office

If you work at home like many parents do these days, your office is probably where you spend a substantial part of your day. Well, when you are not cooking for the kids, playing chauffer, or rocking in the nursery all night this is where you are at. If you are like most folks who work at home, you need to make the most of every second you are in your office. The last thing you need is to be working in a room you can’t wait to get out of. Below are a few essentials that will make your work space more inviting, comfortable, and even a little inspiring.

1. Extra Seating – Most people simply have a desk and chair in their office. You sure could use a little variety. You probably do not need to be actually sitting at a desk the entire time you are working. Go stretch out on a futon or fall into a beanbag chair.

2. Ethanol Fireplace – There is absolutely nothing more inviting than a warm fire. Not to mention, when you sit in one place, your metabolism slows down and your body temperature drops. The heat will feel good, and these fires are nontoxic and maintenance-free. You can get a tabletop one at stores like Ethanol Fireplace Pros.

plant in office     

3. Plants – Introduce a little live energy to your office space, and it just might awaken your mind. They will at least make the air you breathe healthier. Make sure you are considering available light when choosing your plants.

4. Aquarium – Countless studies have proven that fish promote creativity. Even if you don’t necessarily need to be creative for your job the fish are still nice to look at anyway.

5. Filing System – Your filing system really needs to work for you. When you need to cram two hours’ worth of work into a 30-minute naptime you can’t waste valuable seconds digging through paper monsters to find what you are looking for.

6. Baby Video Monitor – If you have a baby or toddler then you probably waste a lot of time walking back-and-forth from the office to their room to check on them. Even though you can listen through the baby monitor and hear if they wake up, it is just not the same as actually seeing them. Do yourself a favor and buy a baby video monitor with night vision. Plus, it will allow you to check on them in the middle of the night before the risk of waking them up.

Searching For Jobs Online 2

Now that I am a stay-at-home mother, I must do something that will help me earn money. There is no way for me to go back to work right now because I just gave birth. And my husband doesn’t want me to seek employment again until our baby is in school. So I want to work at home. In addition, there are important things that I need to provide for my family. That is why I want to have an online job that I can do at home.

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Opportunity To Earn At Home

First Sunday of September. What a beautiful day. I am not working for two months now and I am on my 26th week of pregnancy. So far, staying at home gives me the opportunity to relax and think. Relax…because there is no fatigue from work. Think…of future plans for the upcoming baby.

I miss working though…especially the weekly paycheck. Haha! But I am still earning from my work-at-home. A little bit. Still, small amounts of money becomes big when summed together.

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