Prepare Yourself And Your Car For The Cold Facts Of Winter Travel – Part 1

This winter you can continue to be a safe driver even if you’re faced with the challenges of traveling into unfamiliar winter conditions.  As you finalize you plans for the family’s ski trip or far-off adventure with relatives, prepare yourself and your car for the cold facts of winter travel.

Equipment Check

Before you leave your neighborhood:

  • Check your battery and charging system for damaged wires or distributor cap problems.
  • Be sure all lights are functioning properly – from headlights to taillights and from emergency flashers to directional signals.
  • Check that your brakes work evenly and don’t pull to one side.
  • Check tire balance, air pressure and wheel alignment.
  • Check your heating/cooling system for radiator and hose leaks and be sure your  front and rear defrosters are working well.
  • Replace old/worn windshield wiper blades; fill washer fluid dispenser.
  • Assemble a winter road emergency kit containing:

A bag of sand, salt or kitty litter

Small utility shovel

Snow brush/scraper

Booster cables

Emergency flares/lights

Fuel line de-icer fluid

Paper towers or rags

Flashlight and extra batteries

Blanket and gloves

First aid kit

Emergency snacks and water

Matches and emergency candles

“Call Police” or “Help” banners

To be continued…

Germania Today Winter 2011

Tips On Driving In Cold/Snow/Icy Places

In cold weather especially during the Winter season, driving in snowy and icy places is not cool.  Below are some tips on how to prepare yourself and your car for the cold facts of winter travel.

  • Warm up your car (but not in a closed garage), before heading out to reduce condensation inside the windows.
  • Remove snow and ice from front and rear windshields, and the hood of the car, so you can see well and be seen by others.
  • Wear sunglasses on bright sunny days.
  • Be sure your cell phone is fully  charged in case of emergency (avoid leaving it in the car overnight and protect the battery from freezing).

Winter travel is not easy.  We have to observe extra caution when driving.

Traveling On Winter Time

Winter is the difficult time to travel.  The weather is unpredictable and the temperature is very low.  It is snowing in some places too.  When traveling this season of the year, it is advisable to bring thick clothing for cold weather.  Winter clothes and accessories like coats, jackets, thick pants, tights, hats, scarves, and boots are very essential.

And if you are traveling by car, be sure to check your vehicle before leaving.  Gas, engine, and tires need to be in good condition.  Driving on an icy road is dangerous.  So always be watchful and maintain the control on the wheel.