Hotels Offer Free Internet

Some hotels offer free Internet service.  That includes in their accommodation amenities.  When you make your hotel reservations, always check with the staff or in the website if there is Wi-fi in the hotel.

Guests would like to surf the Internet using their own computers (laptop).  I am one of those who always anticipates to log in and check my emails and other updates.  But sometimes, overuse of a laptop battery can cause a problem.  The laptop will not function as normal as it should.  So a replacement laptop battery is needed to maintain the power longevity of the device.

Whenever I am in a hotel and wireless Internet is available, I stay online until midnight.  I do not let my laptop battery get consumed for long.  It is really nice to know that hotels already have Wi-fi connections.

Why Do I Want To Have An Ethernet Broadband Router?

‘Not really sure if I am ready for a Wi-Fi Internet right now. Yes, I bought a broadband router so I can use the Internet anywhere (where hot spots are). Now that I received the D-Link package from Walmart the other day, I should start setting it up. I chose D-Link Ethernet router because of its good reviews. But I am hesitating because…I do not think I am ready…or maybe I am just procrastinating.

The real reason is, laziness strikes when I get home from work. See, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year. There will be days I will be coming home late because of extended working hours. In fact, my long work hours started on the day I reported to work from my vacation.

Oh well, might as well set up the router. Why do I want to have an ethernet broadband router? Because it is helpful to access the Internet without being stuck on the desktop computer.

How about you? Share some of your experiences on having a broadband router at home.

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Laptop From eBay

After days of waiting, my purchased laptop has arrived. I bought a slightly used Dell laptop from eBay. It doesn’t matter. What matters to me is there’s Windows XP Pro installed and complete MS Office with Wi-Fi available.

The purpose is to use the laptop while I am on a travel. My husband gave me his ‘okay’ when I told him the reason.

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