Travel Advisory: Super Typhoon Expecting Landfall In The Philippines on Friday November 8, 2013

A super typhoon will be entering the Philippines’ area of responsibility and is expecting to make it’s landfall Friday morning.  This typhoon with international name Haiyan is said to be the  strongest in the world in 2013.  The areas to that will be affected with the typhoon is the Central Visayas Region.  The public has been warned and advised to evacuate immediately because Haiyan’s wind strength is over 250 kph and still increasing.

I am very worried about my family in my hometown because this typhoon is considered strong Category 4 Hurricane.  And they said in the news that this can uproot trees and damage houses.  Oh my goodness!  Now I am in panic!

I assumed that travelers going to Central Visayas are completely informed about this severe weather coming up.  Domestic flights will be cancelled until further notice.  I hope that everyone in the region is fully prepared especially those who are living near the sea because a severe devastation is coming.  I have to call my parents and siblings.  I am so worried.

If you are scheduled to travel to the Philippines this weekend, might as well double check with your travel agents about flight updates.  Do not compromise your safety.  Be safe everyone.

Just A Fall Weather

It’s my husband’s birthday and we went out of town this weekend.  As usual, we spent the weekend at his parents’ house.  It was starting to rain when we left our house.  It’s not that I hate driving in the rain.  I just do not like driving on rainy days especially on long trips.  So my husband drove all the way to Tyler.

Driving in the rain requires extra caution.  You have to pay extra attention to other vehicles and road signs.  There is nothing wrong with driving 5 miles less the speed limit just to be sure you are being careful.  Always put a reaction time behind a car especially when driving on the freeway.  This way, collision will be avoided.  Keep your lights on when driving on rainy days.  So you are visible to other drivers on the road.  Always exercise patience and give-and-take attitude when driving.  Keep your cool.

Well, it was still raining when we got to my parents’-in-law house.  It was also kind of breezy and cold.  But as soon as we were inside their home, we’re all feeling warm and comfortable.

Today’s Errands

Baby and I had a ‘ran around’ to get errands done today.  Here’s where we went:

1.  Bank – Wylie

2.  Bank – Richardson

3.  Macy’s – Garland

4.  Grocery store – Wylie

And on our way home, we did not expect the weather to be harsh.  Though my husband said we’ll be experiencing thunderstorms again, it wasn’t clear if it’ll come too soon.

big raindrops on the windshield

I was a bit scared because we were still on the highway on a rush hour.  Thankfully, the heavy rains fell after we got home.