Itinerary For The Galveston Trip

The hotel room was reserved two weeks before our trip.  And before we left for our summer vacation, we have talked about the activities and attractions we’re going to do and to visit.  Below was the simple itinerary of our trip.

August 3, Sunday – Leave at 11:00 A.M.

  • Check in at La Quinta Inn West Galveston upon arrival.
  • Dinner.

August 4, Monday – Breakfast.  Visit some attractions at the Moody Gardens.  Dinner.

  • Visit the Moody Gardens – The Aquarium, The Discovery, and The Learning Pyramids
  • Lunch
  • Board The Colonel Paddlewheel Boat

August 5, Tuesday – Breakfast.  Beach day!  Dinner.

August 6, Wednesday – Breakfast.  Go to Schlitterbahn.  Dinner.

August 7, Thursday – Breakfast.  Check out and go to Kemah, Texas to buy some seafood.

Head to Tyler after lunch and visit the folks.  Dinner with the family.

August 8, Friday – Visiting with the family in Tyler.

August 9, Saturday – Brunch.  Go home.

It was a wonderful summer vacation.  We had a great time in Galveston.

White Sand Beach Resort

Kalanggaman beach in Kalanggaman Island Polompon, Leyte
Kalanggaman beach in Kalanggaman Island Polompon, Leyte – Photo credits to my cousin.

A lovely day to spend at the beach is during Spring and Summer.  The breeze from the sea feels very relaxing and makes your mind wander.  The sound of the waves splashing on the shore seems like inviting you to play with them as they are racing towards you.  The seagulls flying over makes you wonder if they get tired of flying and strolling on the shore for food.  The white sand brightens more as it reflects the warm sun light.  All of these serene things are worth seeing and feeling at the beach.

If given the opportunity right this moment, I would like to go to a white sand beach.  Specifically to Kalanggaman Island beach resort in Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte.  It has been recently that the locals discovered this very beautiful beach in the island.  Now it is gaining popularity as seasons go by.

My cousins just went there during there three-week long vacation to the Philippines.  I was very jealous because I wanted to go with them but me and my family already have planned a vacation in two years.  I am looking forward to visiting the beach resort.

Wedding Dresses For A Beach Wedding

One of the biggest day and the most anticipated event in a person’s life is the wedding.  Why is that?  Because it is truly a life changing moment.  It is the celebration of two people in love joined together in a solemn ceremony witnessed by family and friends.  The moment that will be cherished forever.  So why is it a big deal that people involved are kind of stressing about stuff like wedding venues, guest list, reception, wedding gowns and suits?

Honestly, if you want your wedding to be close to perfection, a preparation ahead of time very necessary.  If the wedding is to be held at the beach, contacting the perfect beach resort ahead of time for reservation for the ceremony is ideal.  And determining the number of guests who RSVP’d is a must to avoid last minute decisions.  Besides these things, the bride and groom have to have their wedding attires ready soon before the wedding day, of course. It’s undeniable that everybody wants to see how the bride looks on her wedding day.  One of the important things is the wedding dress.  There’s no need to wear grandeur wedding dress if the wedding is to be held at the beach.  My personal choices from are the Princess Halter style dress and the Princess Strapless Tea style dress.  These two wedding dresses will make the bride look more stunning and fresh as well as alluring in the eyes of the groom.


Lovely aren’t they?  Actually, I wore almost the same halter-style wedding dress on my wedding day. And next month is my wedding anniversary.  🙂