Sweet Touch Down, November Schedule, Jet Lag Mode

The flight was smooth and safe. Korean Air did a sweet, smooth touch down at DFW airport yesterday morning. We were blessed with a pleasant weather during the trip. My in-laws picked us up from the airport.

After eating a big lunch at Rosa’s Mexican Restaurant, we went to the store to get my work schedule for next month. I knew my system password expired but I still tried to log on. My manager was off to lunch so the store head helped me reset my password. I was able to get in to the system. I thought I had to work on Monday but my manager had me off for three days, which is good because I need to catch up a lot of rest. My husband and I are very thankful to have three days off.

Flying from the other side of the world (crossing the international dateline) messes up your body clock. It is going to be a tough week for us at work, feeling weird the whole week because of jet lag, but this is it. Now that we are back, catching up with sleep is important. We have to be well-rested when we get back to work.

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Dreaming Of A Jersey Shore Vacation?

There are many places I want to visit and America has many interesting places to explore. It has gorgeous beaches too. If I get the chance to get another trip next year, I will go to the Jersey shores for a vacation. Located on the Atlantic coast, New Jersey has beautiful beaches that everyone would enjoy exploring.

Another thing, a true vacation is not complete without enjoying the entertainment places New Jersey is offering. Morey’s Piers Amusement Park in Wildwood city has a concert series that is on-going but will end in August. It is free for everyone. Top Disney artists are performing on this concert series. It is only held in Morey’s Piers (prestigious amusement park) in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Thinking of having fun at the beach and being entertained at the amusement parks, my Wildwood vacations in New Jersey will be a dream come true. ‘You also dreaming of a Jersey shore vacation?

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Employment Document

Working legally in a place where we are an alien is very important. What I meant about legal is that, we have the proper documentation to be authorized to get a job and work.

I have been here in the USA for more than a year now. I was granted the Permanent Residency (Greencard) status three months after I got married. To legalize my residency here, I applied for Permanent Residency or Adjustment of Status, Employment Authorization, and requested for a Travel Document all together. This is one of the conditions for alien resident like me.

Now, my Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card will expire soon. Do I have to renew it since I already got my Greencard?

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