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We’re Home For The 4th Of July

I hope y’all had a great American Independence Day celebration on the 4th of July. I know that most of us were traveling and on vacation.  And watching fireworks display in famous landmarks around the country was irresistible.  Some of you who stayed home to celebrate the special occasion with family and friends, I bet had a great time like me.

My family and I just came back from our mini-vacation on July 2nd.  We only had a day to buy food and prepare for the 4th of July party in our home.  But my husband and I were calm and got everything.  Even we were tired from all the traveling, we were able to accommodate our guests on the 4th of July.  🙂  We shot fireworks and everyone had a great time visiting and celebrating America’s Independence Day.

a-fireworks 7415

Celebrating 4th Of July 2014

July 4th

My husband’s family came over for the 4th of July celebration at our house yesterday.  We are not in city limits so we still can shoot fireworks.  We love shooting fireworks.  We do it on New Year’s and on July 4.

Dear husband let me buy some fireworks with my brother-in-law and father-in-law.  The fireworks store was very busy.  Lots of people bought a bunch of fireworks.


Fireworks store.


Of course, on special occasions like this, my mother-in-law never forgets to bring pies.  Oh I love her blueberry pie.  My dear husband loves the pecan pie.


Blueberry pie

Some of our friends came all the way from out of town to celebrate America’s Independence Day.  We shoot fireworks at about 9:30 P.M. because it doesn’t get dark until then.  We had so much fun!  Everybody got to shoot a firework.

Memorial Day And Free Kittens

We went to town on Memorial Day.  It’s Monday but it’s a holiday so my hubby had a 3-day weekend.  My husband and I took our little girl to the park where a ceremony honoring the soldiers who served to protect our freedom.  At the park,  my daughter and I got on the swing.  It was quite a hot day.

Red White and Blue

Dedication at the Wylie Community Park

Giving kittens for free

Sure these kittens are cute and cuddly.  My daughter enjoyed petting the kittens.  But we are not ready for a pet yet.  After a few minutes at the park, we head to Plano to visit a friend for a Memorial Day get-together.

Enjoying The Holiday Travel

After the training for the part time job my honey and I got ourselves ready to head to his parent’s house Tuesday evening for the Thanksgiving on Thursday. We left Fort Worth about 8:44 P.M. Our speed was 60-65 miles per hour (following speed limit) on I-20 heading East Texas. The Interstate Highway was busy. Everybody was traveling to where they will spend the Thanksgiving holiday. Huge trucks were on their way to delivery duties. But when we entered the City of Canton, the highway was ours.
Looking outside for the view, bright road and commercial lights made me recall of the bright nights in the city back home. My honey noticed that I was about to be hypnotized by looking straight on the road, he said he will get the reserved pillow from the back seat for me. I said, “I am okay hon.” I refused to take a nap. I was enjoying the night travel on the road. Our drive to Tyler was smooth and safe. We arrived 10:56 P.M.

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