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Snorkeling Must-Have

Beautiful colors.

Beautiful colors.  Photo taken by my friend.

There are so many undersea creatures you can see when you are snorkeling.  Snorkeling is my favorite thing to do on vacation.  My husband and I did snorkeling most of the time during our vacation in Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.  Besides being an enjoyable activity, snorkeling can also be a relaxing thing to do because you are seeing colorful fish and corals that will take you to a beautiful mood.

Snorkeling Gear

1.  Snorkel

2.  Life jacket

3. Googles

4. Water shoes


1.  Underwater camera

2.  Underwater video camera (if available)

Beautiful beaches all over the world have great snorkeling locations.  And Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines is one of them.

Gadgets And Activity Materials To Bring When Traveling

In this present generation, even the young children like toddlers are learning how to use electronic devices.  It is amazing how they quickly absorb the manner of manipulating an electronic device like a tablet.  I know some of us are guilty on giving our child a tablet or a cellphone that they can play a game there so we can get to do what we got to do in the house or while in the middle of an errand.  Do they really need it? As with traveling, do you let your kids play on their tablets to get them entertained while on travel?  Some people will say yes, but others will say it depends.

The most common gadget that young kids use nowadays are tablets.  I have an almost 5-year old daughter and she began asking me for a tablet when she was three years old.  She saw my friend’s 4-year old daughter playing with her tablet while we were at a Bible Study.  My daughter got fascinated with it because my friend’s daughter let her borrow it for a little while taking turns playing what’s on it.  Because I didn’t want to buy a tablet, I decided to let my daughter use my cellphone at home.  I downloaded a couple of game applications for toddlers.  Whenever we’re on the road-going to town for kids activities or visiting the folks out of town or something, I let her play on the phone since those applications don’t require an Internet connection to work.  The problem is it’s wasting the phone’s battery.

Anyway, what I am trying to imply is that, letting our kids use tablets or cellphones for entertainment while traveling is not bad as long as we limit the usage.  Even playing with age appropriate game applications should be supervised because some of these apps have in-app advertisements.

When traveling, I bring the following with us:

Tablet – I downloaded five toddler games for her.  The most favorites are the My Little Pony game and the Magic Piano.  She can also do drawing and sketching on the tablet.

Coloring booklets – I have a storage at the back seat where I have the coloring booklets and crayons ready for my daughter to grab.

Books – Reading materials like books are always recommended to bring.

CD – My daughter has a favorite record from the artist Enya.

Favorite Toys – bunny (lovey) and My Little Pony figures.

How about you?  What gadgets and activity materials do you bring when traveling with your kids?

New Year, New Cellphone


Samsung Galaxy S5 cellphone

This is my Christmas present in advance.  Samsung Galaxy S5.  I have been waiting for my old cellphone to be replaced.  I was very patient and had been nice last year so my wish was granted.  My dear husband let me get a new cellphone.  🙂

 What I love about smartphones like this Samsung Galaxy S5 is that it serves as a GPS (Global Positioning System), computer, and cellphone at the same time.  The Maps application on the phone is very useful when I am traveling.  But I still have paper map in my car reserved just in case.

Oh was I so happy to get this.  Thanks to my generous hubby.  Happy New Year everyone!

Packing to Fly Without Checking Your Bags

Flying is all about convenience, and what could be more convenient than grabbing your carry-on, getting off the plane, and walking directly out to a taxi or rental car without having to wait around at the baggage claim carousel? Of course, you have to be prepared to travel lightly if you don’t want to bring along a giant suitcase, but with a little extra effort, you can skip the baggage check altogether and just sail on through the airport with your one bag.

1. Know the Baggage Limitations

Do a little research beforehand to find out what your limits are for a carry-on. If you do not currently have a bag that will suit your needs as well as the airline’s regulations, then it may be best to shop for suitcases or a new carry-on bag. It needs to be able to fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you, so small suitcases, overnight bags and backpacks typically work. You can only have one carry-on plus one small personal item, such as a purse or laptop bag. If you have a decent-sized personal item, you may be able to use that for packing smaller items, such as hairbrushes, medication and electronics. For anyone who’s decided to try out CheapOair, they have links to all the major airline’s carry-on policies so you can see immediately what’s allowed and what’s not.

2. Remember the 3-Ounces Rule

If you’re carrying all your luggage onto the plane, you’re going to have to remember what’s prohibited and what’s allowed. Take travel-sized hygiene products along with no more than 3.4 ounces of liquid or gel. That means leave the regular-sized shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste at home. You also can’t bring most tools, anything sharp or weapons. If you absolutely need to bring along scissors, golf clubs, knives or safety razors — disposable razors are permitted — then you’re going to need to check at least one bag.

3. Pack Only the Essentials

The key to taking everything in your carry-on is only packing the things you absolutely need. If you’re staying at a friend’s house and have easy access to laundry, you don’t need to pack more than a couple days’ worth of clothing, leaving more room in your carry-on for other things you do need. Leave your laptop at home and stay up-to-date with your Facebook and email using your smartphone. Ask the people you’re visiting ahead of time if you can borrow a sweatshirt or coat while you’re there, and you’ll have even more room!

4. Check In Online

The best thing about traveling light is that it allows you to zoom through the airport. If your airline lets you check in online and you’re not checking any bags, you don’t have to stand in line at the ticket counter or kiosk. Just show up at the airport with your boarding pass and head straight to the security line. Be ready to have your carry-on inspected, especially if you have a lot in there, but if all goes well, you could be at your gate in a matter of minutes, ready to board your flight.

If you don’t have a lot of stuff to bring along with you, why spend all that time checking your baggage and waiting for it to be delivered to you? Figure out how to pack the essentials in your carry-on, and you’ll spend less time waiting in line and more time doing a crossword while sitting comfortably!