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Flying EVA Airways


We are in Seattle, Washington.¬† Will be flying to Taipei, Taiwan in a couple of hours. ūüôā¬† See you tomorrow dear family.

Excited And Getting Ready For Our Trip

“Are you ready?” ¬†That was my friend NJ’s question when she called few days ago.

“I haven’t started packing yet,” I said chuckling.

“I am excited¬†na¬†sis’,” she said.

“Me, too,” ¬†I reckon.

My friend NJ and I together with her big sister and my daughter are traveling together to the Philippines. It would be very awesome if we will be spending our vacation together but no.  NJ and her big sister will attend a reunion in their town.  Me and my daughter will be spending our long vacation with my side of the family.

I started packing already. ¬†Although it’s three weeks before the flight, I can’t help gathering stuff like clothes, personal care items, and homecoming gifts and putting them all in the luggage. ¬†In fact, I already finished packing my darling daughter’s suitcase yesterday. ¬†I don’t want to mess with it unless I really need to.

It’s Better To Have A Regular Travel Agent To Deal With Travel Plans

So I will be traveling to the Philippines with my darling daughter this Spring. ¬†We will be on vacation for two months there. ¬†We’re taking this opportunity because DD will be in school in the Fall and taking vacations in the future will not be as easy. ¬†Dear husband will not be able to travel with us this time because of hectic work. Gladly my best friend NJ and her¬†big sister who lives in Montana are going on vacation next month too, so we will be flying to the Philippines together. ¬†They will be there just in case I need help or something.

It will be me and DD flying back here, though…because NJ and her sister will only stay two weeks in the Philippines. ¬†I don’t think it will be difficult for me and DD to fly by ourselves. ¬†Hopefully no problems of some sort at the departure and flight.

It’s five weeks until the flight and I haven’t started packing one single thing yet. ¬†I am now feeling excited and anxious. ¬†I have to stay calm so I won’t forget any travel essential.

Air tickets were issued three months ago by our regular travel agent. ¬†It’s very nice to have a regular travel agent who works with your travel preferences and willing to give you the best and cheapest airfare available. ¬†I don’t know about you but we still prefer to talk to a live travel agent.

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Trip to The Dallas Aquarium

Dallas Aquarium

Color fishes. Clown fish.

Sting ray

Sting ray

a-Dallas Aquarium

The well digger fish.