5 Best Travel Destinations In Asia


Asia is full of wonders, but how do you know which countries are the best of the best? Where should you spend your hard-earned yen, bhat or rupees? Here are the top five spots for a vacation in the world’s biggest continent.

1: Thailand

With everything from the golden jackal to the green sea turtle, Thailand is so biologically diverse that your eyes will water from the sheer amount of colors and species. You’ll love the food, too. There’s nothing like salapao!

2: Nepal

Home to Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, Nepal attract thousands of thrill-seekers each year for climbing, trekking and skiing. If you’re looking to get your blood pumping, this is the destination for you.

3: Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun is a mix of ancient temples and technological miracles. Depending on where you visit, you might find yourself worshiping a gigantic Buddha or playing the latest video game in a chrome tower.

4: China

You’ll never run out of things to do in China! Not when you have the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors and everything from panda reserves to forbidden cities.

5: India

Big and bustling, India is one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet. People come from all over to experience the street markets and the amazing architecture of the Taj Mahal. Millions of tourists can’t be wrong!

If you’re ready to experience something new, let these five locations be your guide to excitement in Asia. Find out more here!

Taking Your Dream Vacation To The Highest Level With Holiday Membership

Taking a vacation typically requires a lot of planning and a hefty investment before boarding the plane. There are now other options that allow you to access destinations across the globe for less than you may expect. While timeshares lock you into a specific destination for at least a year, vacation companies that offer significant savings when you become a member offer lots of different destinations and many different types of vacation packages to choose from.

I love beach hopping. :)
I love beach hopping. 🙂

What Members Earn

When choosing a membership in a holiday travel company, you have several options available. Most companies work by offering members special discounts or points toward a dream destination when members participate in events hosted by the company. Some companies have restrictions that are designed to ensure responsibilities are fulfilled by members. For example, some companies offer services only to those ages thirty or older, or may require that you make a certain income before being allowed to join. Different companies have unique requirements that allow you to take vacations to resorts in locations like Mexico and the Caribbean for far less than a standard vacation.

Some companies work by allowing you to purchase vacation points, which are then exchanged later for the vacations that you are interested in. Most companies require that you plan your vacation in advance and that you make cancellations several months in advance to avoid penalties. If you take a preplanned vacation every year, or even several times a year, however, travel companies with memberships and points programs can be beneficial. You can select destinations based on the company’s availability for the dates you plan on traveling. Researching your options is an ideal way to know whether a holiday membership is right for you.

What to Know

While membership and points based vacation companies have received somewhat lackluster results in the past, recent improvements in packages and cashing in points have increased the ratings of some popular vacation companies. For example, you can read through the Royal Holiday Wikipedia page to learn more about one company that has improved their ratings by offering customers better service. You will typically need to attend a presentation before being able to sign up for a holiday membership. The presentation can last for several hours, so make sure that you are prepared for the event. You may find that you are exposed to several marketing techniques at the presentation. You should research the company well beforehand to ensure you are truly interested in the services offered.

By preparing yourself before heading to the presentation, you will feel more comfortable making a final decision about whether you want to join a holiday club. For some people, holiday memberships are a simple solution to vacation planning that may help reduce the costs of staying in a resort when traveling internationally. Remember that different companies offer different destinations. For instance, Royal Travel offers destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean, while some other companies focus on resorts in Africa. Anyone who loves to vacation can benefit from learning more about becoming a member of a holiday travel club.

Inner Space Cavern Tour

The second day (Wednesday) of our mini vacation in Austin is the most exciting day because it’s the Fresh Beat Band’s concert to be held in downtown.  Since the concert is in the evening and we have traveled this far, we decided to visit a tourist attraction.  My dear husband mentioned about a cave that his family visited when he was a little boy.

We looked at Inner Space Cavern online.  It’s located in Georgetown, Texas about 27 miles from Downtown Austin.  After lunch at IHOP, we decided to go to Georgetown.  I’ve never seen a cave before so I was excited about the idea of getting a tour into the cave.

Inner Space Cavern info.
Inner Space Cavern info.
Come explore!
Waiting for our tour guide at the lobby.
Waiting for our tour guide at the lobby.

Anything related to Science interests me.  Geology, for example, is an interesting branch of Science where scientists study and share their knowledge about the Earth and rocks.  Inner Space Cavern is a perfect educational tour destination.  We saw a few groups of students touring the cave.  When our tour guide name Billy showed up, the journey underground began.  As you know, Inner Space Cavern is an underground cave.  It’s estimated about 100 million years old.

Entrance to the cave.
Entrance to the cave.
Heading down into the cave.  Here's our tour guide Billy.
Heading down into the cave. Here’s our tour guide Billy.

It’s warm in the cave.  But there’s a ventilation so oxygen can get in.  My DD had fun exploring.  We saw lots of rock formations in the cave.  Every section in the cave has a name.  I forgot all of them.  Hahaha!  I’m sorry.  We even saw a little bat.  Two of my favorites in the cave are the area where the core drill took place and the clear waters.  I thought those are cool.  As soon as we’re done touring, we couldn’t wait to gasp cool air outside.

DD and me with the other tourists.
DD and me with the other tourists.
The little bat.
The little bat.
The ventilation.
The ventilation.
Amazing underground cave.  Under I-35.
Amazing underground cave. Under I-35.
Core drill in 1963.  This big hole is created for the person who went down to check underground.  That's when the cave was discovered.
Core drill in 1963. This big hole is created for the person who went down to check underground. That’s when the cave was discovered.
Clear water in the cave.  Our tour guide Billy said it's clean and okay to drink it.
Clear water in the cave. Our tour guide Billy said it’s clean and okay to drink it.  That opening there is about 4 feet deep.
Rock formations in the cave.
Rock formations in the cave.

Scientists discovered and gathered fossils and bones of extinct animals from the cave too.  It’s truly amazing.  My husband, darling daughter, and I enjoyed our exploration.

When you visit Texas, don’t forget to explore Inner Space Cavern.