Reminder If You Are Riding A Train In England

If you are riding a train in England and you decide to get off before your stop, think twice.  Two passengers traveling from London tto Southhampton and decided to disembark two stops early, at Eastleigh.  When they handed their tickets to the Eastleigh agent, they were fined $175 – far more than the tickets cost – because they did not get off at the correct stop.  The lady passenger called it “utter madness” to be fined for getting off the train early.  She pointed out it would be justified if they had gotten off two stops beyond their destination.

Admin:  Odd.  But I guess that’s the train company’s policy.  There is nothing they can do with it but pay the fine.

Story from Coffee News, Wylie Edition Oct. 31, 2011

Internet Security While Traveling

The Internet has been a part of my daily life since I learned to use a computer.  My day is not complete without checking emails, browse for online sales, and search for references.  Before, security in surfing the Internet was a concern for me.  My email account was hacked.  That made me miserable.  Gladly it did not go too far.  I changed my email account password immediately.  Now I have a secured Internet browsing service.

It is risky to surf the Internet, especially when you are traveling, without security.  In the airports, for example, we do not know if the network we are accessing is safe.  Users are vulnerable to hackers out there.  But Jumpto provides secure browsing service.  It enables Internet users to surf the Internet, check emails, and search for references with confidence because Jumpto provides solutions to secure the data in the lines of communication.

So now my online experience is safer and risk-free.