Road Trips Are Calling

Subaru Outback 2017

This gorgeous SUV is ready for a road trip. We are ready for a road trip. We can’t wait to go on a mini vacation until this Shelter-in-Place is lifted. We have been in this “stay home” situation for about a month now. As soon as we came back from Oklahoma City after buying the Subaru Outback on the 13th of March, we were on quarantine because of the COVID-19 pandemic. No family visits, no parties with friends, no restaurant dine-ins, and no play time at the parks. And social distancing is a must with a minimum of six feet distance. All sporting and seasonal events are cancelled. Doctors’ appointments are rescheduled. It’s difficult be it’s NEEDED for our SAFETY and HEALTH. It’s a worldwide issue and we have to cooperate because we’re all in this together.

Hopefully, sooner than later, this will end so we can be with our families and friends again. We’ll be driving our Subaru Outback visiting everyone. ūüôā

What to Ask Before Parking Your Car Away from the Airport

Most airports around the world offer convenient parking options for travelers. You can pull into the airport, find a space in a long-term lot and pay your parking fee when you come back from your trip. The problem with these lots is that many charge a daily rate that can add up over the course of your vacation. Parking in a lot a short drive away from the airport can save you some money, but you should ask a few questions before leaving your car behind.

What Types of Spots are Available?

Always ask about the types of spots that are available, especially if you plan a longer trip. Though most lots offer basic spots in a lot that looks like any other parking lot, others offer covered spots. These spots have canopies that cover vehicles to keep those cars safe from wind and rain. Some lots work more like a covered parking garage and offer a combination of covered spots on the lower floors and open spots on the top floor.

How Do You Get to the Airport?

Parking a few miles away from the airport can help you save a few hundred dollars, but if the lot does not offer transportation to the airport, you may spend more than you would like. Many parking lots located near major airports have shuttle buses that will drive travelers to the airport. Always make sure that the shuttle will depart in time for you to make your flight and at a time that works when you return too. You can also hire a taxi or a private shuttle to get to the airport from that lot. A private JFK airport shuttle can make you feel like a celebrity on your way to the airport.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Hidden fees can cause you sticker shock when you get back and try to leave with your car. These fees can include those charged because your trip took longer than you planned. Some lots let you pay in advance but require that you pick your car up at a certain time. If your flight hand a delay that left you returning later than you intended, the lot might charge you a high fee. Asking these simple questions is the best way to ensure that you find a good parking lot close to the airport.

Obtain Help From Traffic Lawyers

We sure know that traveling without proper planning can be depressing. ¬†That is why we do our research and dig into all kinds of references to obtain a worry-free and stress-free travel and vacation. ¬†Because when we are stressed, we won’t be able to enjoy traveling.

At some point in time many people encounter problems while traveling especially when they are on a road travel. ¬†Driving can be very stressful at times – especially long drives. ¬†Every time we go on a road travel of town or out of state, my dear husband reminds me to be very careful in driving. ¬†There’s no telling when an accident could happen.¬†Road accidents happen every day everywhere. The best we can do is to pay extra caution and be more watchful to eliminate that chance.

But what gives you the enormous hassle is that if you get arrested for traffic violations just because you are in a rush and you don’t know who to contact for help defend yourself. ¬†In this case, you should always make yourself familiar with the traffic laws in every state you go to. ¬†In Arizona for example,¬†you need to know how to reach the¬†traffic lawyer glendale az¬†state. ¬†There are so many ways to record and keep track of these important contacts. ¬†One example is listing important emergency contacts in small notebook ¬†and keep it safe in the storage compartment of your vehicles. ¬†Smartphones can¬†go low battery unexpectedly but your notebook will always be available.

Every state has it’s different traffic laws and regulations. ¬†If you are traveling around Arizona and for some unavoidable circumstances get into a tight situation on the road and get¬†arrested for a traffic violation in Glendale,¬†AC Law Group is the law firm to call in Glendale, AZ. A¬†¬†traffic lawyer glendale az¬†will somehow be of help to you. They can be reached for consultation Monday thru Friday.

I remember the minor rear-end accident happened years ago. ¬†The driver was on her way to the airport on the interstate and I saw her tailgaiting the car in front of her on the left lane. ¬†When that car’s driver hit the brakes, the girl panicked and spun three times in front of us. ¬†My husband and I were in the middle lane. ¬†We stopped at the same time that’s when got her rear-ended. ¬†Though it was a minor accident, to me it was big hassle. ¬†See that could have been avoided if that girl just kept her cool in driving. ¬†Instead of tailgaiting a car, she could have just thought of a safe way to pass him. ¬†Many drivers are tailgaters…I should say a******s. ¬†After that incident, we didn’t have a car for two weeks. We had to rent a car. The insurance covered the expenses but the trauma and the time wasted on that are unforgettable.

For us who drive to work, to school, or just to do errands, the road is not safe really. ¬†It is up to us to be very watchful and attentive all the time. Using cellphones while driving is a no no to me. ¬†So many lives were taken because of that. ¬†And so many traffic violations were made because of that as well. I depend of my cellphone most of the time but when I am driving, I fight the urge to grab it. ¬†I don’t want it to be the cause of a road accident nor a traffic violation. ¬†We have to keep our hands on the wheel and our eyes on the road.

Have you ever been into a traffic violation?