A Nice Bath For My Car

We are going to Tyler for Easter this weekend.  And as per husband’s order, I took the car to the car wash service this morning.  So, I went to Hacienda Car Wash again in Rockwall to give my darling vehicle a nice bath.  So far, their service is good and quick.  The minimum charge is $21.95 – wash, vacuum, wax, fragrance…but I picked the next amount which is $24.95 because it includes tire polishing.  I always get New Car scent for my car.  The deluxe car wash is a little higher.

The reason why my husband wants the car cleaned before we go to Tyler because he does not want to wash the car at his parents house.  His dad will make him do so.  He wants to be able to relax and enjoy the weekend rather than scrubbing the car on a Saturday at his parents’.  My father-in-law is very particular with car maintenance.

I like my car clean too.  It runs really nice on the road.  You can tell the difference between driving a dirty and clean car.  Taking good care of our vehicles is very important to prevent damage.  A well-maintained car is far from immediate wear and tear.  It is our means of transportation and traveling companion on the road so treat our cars it as part of our family.

Do you take your car to a Car Wash or do you do it yourself at home?

Where To Dine On Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is approaching and I don’t know if my husband has any plans.  He did not mention anything about dinner or something.  So I thought I will do the planning myself.

I am browsing online for restaurants in Rockwall.  Someone told me that there are nice dining places there.  I saw some at The Harbor Rockwall.  There is Luna De Noche and Campisi’s.  Well, I am not craving for Mexican food for now.  We just had fajitas the other day.  And Italian food does not excite me either.

After a while of web surfing, I changed my mind.  Instead of having dinner in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, I will just prepare a small yet special food for us.  And maybe I can invite my cousin and her husband to come over to have dinner with us too.  Yay!  That would be nice.   All right!