Passport Renewal Appointment Schedule Is Confirmed

Hurray!  My application for passport renewal was accepted, so I will be at the consular outreach in Dallas, Texas in a few weeks.  I am very happy that I am included in the appointment scheduling list because who knows when the next outreach will be here in Texas.

In addition to the passport renewal, I am also reporting my child’s birth to the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles.  Texas is one of the states in their jurisdiction so I have to report the birth of my child.  Because I didn’t do it 12 months after my child was born, I have to provide tons of copies of the required documents.  Arg!

And in connection to all of these processes, we are planning our next long vacation overseas for next year.  And my dear husband should also renew his passport the soonest possible time.

Luncheon At Lin’s Asian Buffet

Our family was invited to a Post-Graduation Luncheon Party for our dear friends’ daughter.  The luncheon was at Lin’s Asian Buffet restaurant in Dallas.  She graduation with high honors in a high school in Plano and will be going to the University of Texas in Austin for college.

My husband wasn’t with us at the party because it was a weekday and it’ll be too far for him to drive to and from work.  So only me and DD went to the party.  It was my first to drive on the toll road going to Dallas.  Pres. George W. Bush Turnpike is a very busy toll road.

Gladly the buffet restaurant wasn’t very difficult to find.  The delicious smell of the food made me very hungry as we entered the restaurant.  As soon as we got settled, my daughter and I grabbed some yummy food.  We shared her favorite beef with broccoli.

Graduation balloons.
Graduation balloons.
My favorite dessert.  Banana-que.
My favorite dessert. Banana-que.
Lin's Asian Buffet restaurant
Lin’s Asian Buffet restaurant
Entrance to Lin's Asian Buffet-Dallas.
Entrance to Lin’s Asian Buffet-Dallas.
Fish tank in the restaurant that DD said she wants to have.
Fish tank in the restaurant that DD said she wants to have.