Day Three, July 6: Back In Texas

Crossing the Red River

So it’s the third day of our out-of-town  trip.  On this day, we were driving from Broken Bow to Tyler to spend the weekend at my husband’s parents’ place.  We checked out from the hotel at 11 A.M.  I am just kind of disappointed why some hotels’ check in time is 3 P.M (usually at 2 P.M.) and the check out time is 11 A.M. (usually at 12 Noon).  Oh well, so we had a light breakfast at McDonalds and head on.  We were planning to eat lunch somewhere half way to Tyler.

We had lunch at La Finca Mexican Restaurant

Stopped by at La Finca Mexican restaurant in Gilmer for lunch.  As usual, we ordered our favorite fajitas.  Nothing so special with the taste but the food had surely satisfied our hungry tummies.

We were very tired when we arrived in Tyler.  I was very sleepy.  I wanted to take a little nap but we had a schedule.  ‘Never thought of going out anymore.  But my father-in-law said that when we arrive, we will go to the park where there is a mini water park for kids.  My little princess had no idea about the plan.  She was surprised when we get to the park.

Days Off Are Relaxing

The new girl at work and I are supposed to meet this afternoon. We are both off today and I planned for us to see my friend N and she already knew about it. But she sent a me a text message saying that she will not be able to meet us because it might rain. Yes it is an overcast day but I do not think the rain will come.

Anyway, it is a gloomy day but it did not keep N and I from driving around. We ate an early supper at El Arroyo, the new Tex-Mex restaurant in our area, after N get off from her work. Then we head to N’s apartment and relax a bit because our bellies are so full. We had fun watching her cats, Bambi and Brutus, wrestle after they eat their snack.

I really like hanging out with friends on my day off.

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