Another Table for the House

Remember my previous post about the glass table that was given to us by my parents-in-law? It is a glass dining table with four chairs. They are so pretty.
‘Know what, we got another table again. My husband brought it from work. He said the conference room at their office was having a new set of conference tables and chairs. Instead of disposing away the old tables, the administration decided to give those to the staff who are interested. And he thought of putting his name on the only table left in the hallway because nobody cared of taking it so he brought the table home. The table is about an inch thick, more or less 3 foot high, grayish white in color with round corners and black lining on the sides. Its feet are made of metal. Take note, it is very heavy!

We were looking for an inexpensive computer table for weeks now so it is good to have this table because my husband will be starting to work on his side work soon. One time we saw a nice computer table at a garage sale for $10.00. I told him that I will pay the owner then we will just pick up the table. But he told me to pay later. When we came back, the computer table was gone. The owner said that the couple behind us got it. Ugh! That was so disappointing. I feel sadden whenever we talk about tables during those days.

But everything is fine now. I am glad my husband got us a table and it’s free. He can now set up his other computer and other electronic stuff on it for his upcoming side work. Oh yea…I have this feeling that table is our lucky charm this year.

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Family Day in Tyler

It is a very hectic weekend for Steve and me. We drove to our house in Nevada on Friday night right after he came home from work. Then he woke up early morning today to set up some work in the yard before we head to Tyler to visit Mom and Dad. When he noticed that we forgot to bring the coffee maker at the apartment, he drove to Wal-Mart to buy another coffee maker for the house. When he arrived, of course, he had some coffee and do what he has to do in the yard. I woke up late and started my part tidying up the house when an agent called to tell us that there is a schedule for showing at 11:30 AM. It was 10:30 AM so we are like in a hurry finishing up. And there is rain coming too. Luckily, Steve has done the yard work before time. We freshen ourselves and leave the house. We did a good job.
We went to town to run errands then we decided to head first to Canton to see what is going on there on First Monday Trade but we found out that the huge trade day happens every first weekend of the month before the first Monday. Kind of frustrating but I enjoyed my travel though. We bought some peaches for Mom along the country roads and some red potatoes for me.

We arrived in Tyler about 4:30 in the afternoon. Steve’s sister and her family came over to spend some time with us and left before dark. Mom cooked a very delicious stir fry for dinner and Dad gave us two shots of Asti. The great dinner was a triple celebration for us…Mom and Dad got a new dining table today, me and Steve’s second wedding month-sary yesterday, and celebrating the Father’s Day. That was cool! And the folks gave us the other glass table for us to use in the apartment. The color of the chairs blends with the rug and the floor.I know it is going to be a tough drive back to Fort Worth tomorrow but we are used to that. Though Sundays are supposed to be our relaxation day but it is great to visit and spend time with the family also.