Road Travel With A Pet Fish

Betta Fish in tank.
Betta Fish in tank.

Okay so everybody’s on vacation in San Antonio including our little Betta fish.  Yes, you read it right.  We brought our pet with us in San Antonio.  Why? Because we were away for eight days.  Nobody was able to watch our little Lavlee (lovely-that’s what my darling daughter calls it.)  My cousin and her two girls just came back from the Philippines the day we left for San Antonio.  So she was still on a jet lag.  My other girl friend who lives close by went on a road trip with her family.  And my parents-in-law live 93 miles away from us and it would be very inconvenient for them if they will just come over to watch the fish.  So, we came to a decision to just bring it with us.  We put the fish in a big jar with half full conditioned water and hubby poked a few small holes on the lid.  We situated the jar with the fish in it in between our bags and luggage in the car so it won’t spill while we’re driving.

Oh how fun for the little fish.  It had a great adventure with us on our summer vacation.


Be Aware Of Exits Off Toll Roads

The weather was great and we were on our summer vacation in San Antonio three weeks ago.  My husband and I went here five years ago.  This time we had our darling daughter with us and we took her to Sea World.

On our way to San Antonio, we stopped by at a Czech Bakery in West, Texas.  We bought some pastries, particularly Kolache, for snacks.  As you know, Kolache are famous Czech pastry.  They’re delicious.

As we went on driving after the quick shopping in West, my husband and I agreed we will not go through Austin to get away from the rush hour traffic.  So we decided to try taking the Toll Road 130.  It’s a very nice toll road.  If I remembered it right, there’s a section on the toll road posted speed limit 85 mph.  Oh my goodness.  That’s very high.  I stayed on the speed of 75 mph because my car has a small engine.  It’s working very hard on that speed.  On toll road 130, my husband was wondering if we had already passed Austin.  The gas was getting low.  He didn’t want to look at my phone for a map.  He didn’t want to look at the map in my car either.  He kept saying we will be able find an exit very soon.  But we didn’t.  He was furious because we got trapped and charged big on toll fees.  I was nervous because the gasoline indicator is close to Empty.  What a frustrating experience.

We had no choice but to wait until we got to Seguin where the toll road ends.  We stopped by at a gas station and filled up my car’s tank.  We’re all quiet in the car.  San Antonio is about 30 minutes away from Seguin (depending on traffic).  I am just happy that we got there around 4:00 P.M.

No driving on toll road on our way home.

My Vacation Starts Today

My summer vacation starts today.  Yes it is.  My husband and I are taking our little one to Seaworld San Antonio this weekend. DD is so excited.  I hope the weather is just perfect next weekend so it’s not too hot to walk around the theme park.

Did I say my vacation starts today?  Well, I consider it because I planned not to have appointments and commitments for myself this week at all, except for my daughter’s library visit and tumble class.  I want to focus on preparing the things we need for the trip to San Antonio and New Braunfels.