Galveston Island Trip Day 3: Beach Day

It's beach day.  Galveston Island, Texas.
It’s beach day. Galveston Island, Texas.

It’s Tuesday and our plan today is to spend the whole afternoon at the beach.  We looked for a great place last night to hang out today but we haven’t decided where to go.  So this morning, while having breakfast at Denny’s, we asked the server where is the best place to go swimming.  The guy suggested the Stewart Beach on the East side.  So we went there.  It closes at 5:30 P.M.


Umbrella and chairs – $25 whole day
Parking – $8 per vehicle a day

I think the rental and parking fees are affordable.  It is better than paying an hourly parking on the roadside.

It was a very pleasant day at the beach.  Though it was a hot sunny day, it was breezy.  My darling daughter enjoyed playing with the sand – trying to build a sand castle. We brought all our beach things with us:  towels, beach toys, sunscreen, water and juice (in the cooler in the car), sunglasses, and an umbrella.  And you know what?  I lost my sunglasses when a big wave rushed over me.  After playing chase with the waves and when the tides got low, we fed the seagulls for a few minutes before heading to the shower room.  When we were on our way to the car, we saw this huge green inflatable slide.  My dear husband wanted us to try it.  So we did.  We got to slide two times for $5.  DD didn’t like it because she got scared.

Huge inflatable slide.  It was high!
Huge inflatable slide. It was high!
It was fun on the slide.
It was fun on the slide.
Ships out there.
Ships are out there.

Pigeon Forge is a Popular Family Vacation Destination

holiday home

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is a popular vacation destination for families. This town is surrounded by the Smokey Mountains and offers plenty of family friendly activities for all ages. The Parkway is lined with gift shops selling handmade crafts from the local artisans. In many cases, visitors can watch as these talented people create their wares. After a day of shopping, one can enjoy a bite to eat in one of the numerous dinner show theaters. Down home cooking is served while guests watch an entertaining performance from singers, comedians, and actors.

Throughout the year, Pigeon Forge hosts festivals that draw in large crowds. These include music, craft, and food events as well as car shows. They feature all the country traditions that have helped make this town a favorite of so many vacationers over the years. Visitors can experience their unique flavors and sounds while spending time with family and friends.


The biggest attraction is The Smokey Mountains National Park. The mountain range provides scenic views as well as an up-close look at nature and wildlife native to the area. There are several walking, hiking, and equestrian trails available that will give visitors a way to explore the region best. Many visitors to this part of Tennessee end their day with a stay in one of the Pigeon Forge cabin rentals such as the ones from Little Valley Mountain Resort.


Recreation At Water Parks

Recreation areas for kids are open beginning Spring thru Fall.  So if you are looking for a place for your family to have fun without spending too much money, water parks are the best.  Kids especially, enjoy any outdoor activity that involves water.  Who doesn’t want to be with water this hot season?  Water Parks time of operation differs from State to State.  But if you live in Texas, the normal opening of these parks is in the month of May.

Water Parks can also be a good vacation destination.  If you are traveling out of the country with your kids and have planned for a great adventure this summer, you might want to try looking for water parks around the world.  Just don’t forget to check for ticket prices ahead of time.