Car Attachable Front Or Behind The Seat Storage Organizer

a-backseat organizer in car
Attachable Front or Backseat Car Organizer Storage Car Seat Cover

a-backseat organizer

Don’t you hate it when your car is cluttered?  And if you are traveling with kids, the clutter is worse.  Yet there are solutions to this problem.  One of them is a car storage and organizer that you can attach behind the seat.

This item has been in my wishlist for a while until it was fulfilled a week ago by Amazon.  Yes.  I bought this item at a discount price from Amazon.  I find this item neat because:

  • the material is sturdy durable polyester.
  • it sits straight and flat behind the seat.
  • the straps and locks adjust and snaps very well.
  • its seven storage pocket compartments can hold books, snacks, packed drinks, and other important knick-knacks you and your kids need while traveling.
  • the color of the product matches just right with the interior of my car.
  • it is easy to wipe clean.

How neat is this Attachable Front or Backseat Car Organizer Storage Car Seat Cover?  This way, I can prevent clutters in my car.  A few favorite little kids’ toys, small books, and a gadget are all we need to bring.

*I bought this item at a discount product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Laptop Storage

These days, my husband works a little while at home in the evening.  He brings home his office laptop.  His company is currently in a big project.  And the deadline of accomplishment has been scheduled so employees have to work on their respective assignments.

I visit my husband at his office often times.  The workplace is very quiet and, seems like, they have a friendly environment.  Well, software engineers work quietly you know.  Each employee has a laptop.  What’s neat is that there is a laptop storage in the office.  For big software and computer companies, an equipment like that is very beneficial.  I wonder if it can also be used as a laptop cart.

Laptop carts are cabinet-like designed equipment or fixture where you can store your laptops and notebooks in one place.  It can be powered or non-powered.

Unfinished Job

Moving is a hassle, I tell you. From packing things up to unloading them to the new place, it is really a ton of a job. Now I know why my husband hates moving.

We are back to our house more than a month now but we haven’t finished unpacking our boxes yet. Some are still in the garage waiting to be opened. The kitchen equipment and utensils were the priority so we got them organized first. Next was the bedding sets (the furniture was already arranged ahead from the time my husband emptied the storage). Some of the office equipment and supplies are the ones left behind. But the computers, table, and chairs have been set up because we needed to have Internet as soon as possible. And for entertainment, the tv satellite service was contacted ahead of time so we have had a connection fast.

There are still loose things here and there. Bags full of cleaning supplies. I couldn’t even think of a place to put the rest of the office supplies. Plus the little nick knacks like board pins, mailing envelopes, business cards, and others are still waiting to be organized. I need to buy a business card holder and a table organizer soon. Whew! To me, moving is a mess.

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