Snorkeling Must-Have

Beautiful colors.
Beautiful colors.  Photo taken by my friend.

There are so many undersea creatures you can see when you are snorkeling.  Snorkeling is my favorite thing to do on vacation.  My husband and I did snorkeling most of the time during our vacation in Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.  Besides being an enjoyable activity, snorkeling can also be a relaxing thing to do because you are seeing colorful fish and corals that will take you to a beautiful mood.

Snorkeling Gear

1.  Snorkel

2.  Life jacket

3. Googles

4. Water shoes


1.  Underwater camera

2.  Underwater video camera (if available)

Beautiful beaches all over the world have great snorkeling locations.  And Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines is one of them.

Coco Beach Resort’s Spectacular Charm

I love summer. When this season of the year comes, what I have vision in my mind is the enchanting picture of spending a vacation at the beach. Just thinking about it brings back memories from the summer get-away I spent in Coco Beach with my husband last year.
Coco Beach Resort is one of the most beautiful vacation spot in the Philippines. It is located in one of the beautiful coves of Puerto Galera, in the historical island of Oriental Mindoro. Here in the old days, Spanish galleons passed by trading routes between Europe, Mexico and the East.
Getting there is simple. We took the Coco Beach Express transport service of the resort in Manila. They are very sharp in departure times.
The first time I stepped on this laid-back and stunning island, I fell in love with it. It is a place where the sea is blue, corals and fishes in different colors and shape, and the hills full of coconut palms swaying with the breeze. There is a pool on top of the hill which they call the silent pool because place’s calm ambiance. People who have passion in diving will definitely love this place because there are lots of diving sites. I am so amazed watching the divers walk towards their boat, wearing their diving suits and gears, then head to their diving destination. We stayed there for six days in Deluxe Heritage rooms. Coco Beach truely offers the largest facilities in Puerto Galera. We enjoy ourselves in beach and bar hopping, shopping, dining, walking along the beach, and of course, snorkeling. The rum chocolate ice cream at Le Bistro Bar and the “sinigang” (pork with vegetables in tamarind soup) at Bondi’s Restaurant is awesome. I told myself, this is the dream place where I want to settle someday. Perfectly, this is the only one true nature paradise on Earth.