Vacation: Visiting SeaWorld

I am on a three-day vacation. Our trip to San Antonio to visit SeaWorld started last night. I drove from Fort Worth to Georgetown. My honey had the wheels until we arrived San Antonio nearly two o’clock in the morning. We agreed to start traveling soon as I got home from work yesterday. We had dinner at Denny’s before we hit the road.

Traveling at night is kind of boring because of the darkness around you. But there is no room for errors on the road. I had lots of wheel wiggling but I gained my focus back. We have to be always in control of the steering wheel.
Thank God we had a safe travel last night. This visit to SeaWorld will be treasured.

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Major Attractions In San Antonio

Tomorrow is the beginning of the six-day straight working period…for me. Why? Because I requested three days off from Friday to Sunday next week. My husband and I will go for a trip to San Antonio, Texas. We have lots of things planned to do while we are there. We will visit three major attractions in San Antonio. One of them is SeaWorld! I have been seeing advertisements about this wonderful attraction. Since then, I dreamed of going there to experience the enjoyment with nature. Then we will go to The Alamo and The River Walk. ‘Can’t wait.

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