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Fun At The Fair – The State Fair Of Texas

Texas Star Ferris Wheel at the State Fair of Texas

Texas Star Ferris Wheel at the State Fair of Texas

At last I was able to go to the State Fair of Texas for the very first time.  And I can say it was a great experience.  Since my arrival here in Texas, I haven’t been to the State Fair until last Thursday.  But I did not go alone.  My daughter and I, together with my cousin Em and her two little girls, went to the Fair last Thursday.  It was actually an adventure for all of us because it was our first time to go to the Texas State Fair in Dallas.

The night before the trip, my dear husband helped me plan the trip to the State Fair.  He suggested that we take the train to the Fair.  I looked at the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) train schedules online and, after a very long time of confusion, figured out how to get there.  I will tell you more about our train ride on my next blog post.

a-people in line buying tickets

Buying tickets at the Fair. 🙂

So we arrived at the Fair around noon last Thursday.  I already had two adult tickets which I bought from an online garage sale on Facebook.  Had a good savings on that.  For the kids’ tickets, we brought canned goods for donation and we only paid $6.00 per ticket for each child.  Great savings on that as well.  As soon as we entered the gate at the Fair, the adventure began.  🙂

The Big Tex

Big Tex

The little ones wanted to see Big Tex.  They were amazed because he’s so huge!  Giant.  That’s what my DD said.

Are You Ready For Spring?

Texas Bluebonnets at Mallard Park Lavon, Texas

Texas Bluebonnets at Mallard Park Lavon, Texas

Now that we already had snow, winter in Texas is already complete. 🙂  I am ready for warm weather and I can’t wait to visit parks for picnics and capturing photos with the Bluebonnets.  Spring time is in two weeks.  Spring break is next week.  I bet kids and parents can’t wait to go somewhere for a Spring Break Vacation.

My friend mentioned to me that she will be taking her kids to a week-long vacation during Spring break.  She asked if I will be able to watch for their pet pug while they’re gone.  We haven’t talked much about their vacation plans yet but she said she will let me know very soon.


Proceeding To The Next Goal

We have a huge sale going on at the store. All the discontinued style and old stock merchandise are on sale now because the store is starting to display new stuff for the fall and winter season. Imagine, August is here. A couple of weeks to bear the summer hear. But before we know it, we will feel the wind starting to cool again next month.

I hope I can take the road test soon so I can drive to work in the winter. I do not want to walk to the store shivering in the cold. So far, I am doing pretty good in my driving practice. But the last things I have to practice more are parallel parking and backing up. As soon as I get these perfectly, I am ready to take the test.

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Gone Home Without Advising J

I feel bad. Why? Because my associate N and I left the store last night without telling the home are manager that we were leaving. She called us and said not to leave yet because the men’s restroom on the second floor was flooded. Then the seasonal department associate was still recovering her area. I was very tired and hungry too. ‘Did a lot of gift wrapping in the afternoon. But I helped with the recovering. After a while, N said we had to go. So we clocked out, but we told the men’s department manager that we were going.

I feel guilty. Aw, I hope everything was fine last night.

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