Dentist Appointment Letter Needed To Get My Work Schedule Done

My boss is back from a week’s vacation. As usual, we at the customer service will submit our day off requests so she can start doing our work schedules for September when she arrives to work tomorrow. My request might be delayed for submission because I need to figure out what day next month is my dentist appointment. I forgot. And the appointment letter from my dentist is nowhere to be found. The thing is, I will call him tomorrow to ask for the date. Ugh! Where is that letter???

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Taking Advantage Of Your Day Off

Alright. This coming Thursday is the start of another six working days including the weekends. Good. Because that means money 🙂 In this work schedule, I have to work opening and closing three both times this week. Though closing time is kind of boring, I look for things to do to keep me occupied until an hour before the store closed. I need to save more money this month and in the next two months because the plan for a vacation is finalized. It is not only a vacation, it is a family vacation together with my husband.

On the other hand, I need to gain more energy to prepare myself for the six working days. In hard working days like this, it is better to take advantage of your day off relaxing and eating energy giving foods. Getting enough sleep can also help bring the body to its great shape every working day.

You know what, I just wish cramps will not disturb me this time.

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Will Do Our Schedules

In the next few weeks my manager will go out of town to attend an important event in connection with sales and marketing improvement. She advised us, in the customer service, to prepare our day off requests be available because she will do our schedules she comes back. I have three days off request for the month of July. I hope my manager will grant them.

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