Starting To Cool In The Fall

‘Glad I was scheduled to work closing today. I had to go to work at 12 noon. To me it’s fine because I did not have to walk to the store this morning. It was so cold outside. My husband drop me off to work.

We had a severe thunderstorm and heavy rains last night that is why it is cold and overcast. And Fall begins. Cool weather is expected to take over. I will be chilling again walking to work in the mornings. Brrr!

I am praying to pass the road test before my husband and I leave for a vacation so I will be driving legally when we come back.

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Half Way Of Achieving The Goal

This is my 4th of 8. I am half way of achieving the goal of surviving my eight working days this week. Why eight days? Because I had requested three days off for a supposedly dental appointment. The appointment was canceled because the dentist will be going for a vacation on ‘that’ day. It is too late for me to redo the day-off schedule request because my boss had it approved.

Oh well, my husband thought of something to do on that 3-day weekend. We might go to Arkansas! Woohoo! Traveling again, huh! I love it.

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Keep The Important Communications On File

I submitted my day off request finally. My boss will work on our schedules this weekend so we can have them available next week.

I never found the dentist’s appointment letter so I just called his office and inquired about my appointment in September. The dental assistant said it is on the 4th of September, Friday. So I requested Friday to Sunday off. That’s all.

By the way, keep the important communications on file so you will not lose track of appointment dates.

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