Mom Liked It!

Sunday morning while in the middle of breakfast preparation, I gave Mom her birthday gift-the Elizabeth Arden’s new fragrance called “Pretty”. She liked it. It has a light and attractive smell. I wrapped it myself in a pretty Springy gift wrap. Even Dad commented on the smell when Mom sprayed some on her.

Also, I brought Mom and my sister-in-law the scented candles (one is for my sister-in-law) I bought few weeks ago. The candle matches with Mom and Dad’s new painted beautiful bathroom.

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New Fragrance From Elizabeth Arden

Even though it is late, my mother-in-law should have this gift for her birthday. I hope she will love this new scent named “Pretty” from Elizabeth Arden. She loves perfume like I do. Oh, I cannot wait to give it to her on Sunday when we come over to Tyler!

I always get fantastic deals on designer fragrances online. Besides genuineness of the branded scents, shoppers can also expect low prices on perfumes in stock. Besides apparel and accessories, they are my weakness too. Other online stores do not offer the deals I want. Some charge high on shipping. That is crazy. It is better to stick to a store which gives shoppers the opportunity to obtain huge savings.

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