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Fix The Flat Tire Immediately

This is what caused my car's flat tire.

This is what caused my car’s flat tire.

My car had a flat tire. It’s the left rear tire.  The amazing thing was that the inflation warning lighted up on my dashboard while we were on the Interstate driving home from visiting my ‘in-laws over the weekend.  And we’re like 45 minutes close to our house and the flat tire still managed to work.

I panic on alerts like these especially when I am in long distance driving. I wonder if we’ll be stuck on the road.  I don’t what that to happen…ever.

Helpful Tips

  • It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourselves to the alert and warning icons on your vehicle.  This way you will be aware of the occurring problem and you will have the immediate time to solve it.  Always refer to your vehicle’s manual for more helpful information about alerts and warnings.
  • Take your vehicle to the nearest automotive repair shop or tire shop near you as soon as possible.  You will never know when your flat tires will give out so the sooner you take your car there the better.
  • Ask the maintenance guys to give you the thing that causes the tires flat.  We always do so we know what it was.

Since the tire shop in town is closed on weekends, I took my car there yesterday.  And the cause of the flat tire was a long nail.  About 2 1/2 inches long.

Never Drive Faster Than…

It his highly recommended to have your vehicle washed occasionally or as needed.   This way, it will look good.  In addition, you feel good and happy too seeing your vehicle in great shape.

I had my car washed two weeks ago.  I didn’t have it cleaned thoroughly but at least I got the exterior washed and waxed.

Never drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly.

Never drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly.

While waiting for my car to be done it’s wash, my daughter and I looked around in the car wash’s store.  She found a little frog which she wanted to put in our garden.  We are thinking to make a magical garden this year. Anyway, I saw this cute souvenir item in at the register’s counter.  It’s a keychain with a nice message engraved on it. I thought I’d share. 🙂

Just a reminder to us drivers not to over-speed every time.  Value your car, value your life.

Anything Can Happen On The Road

Driving out of town is very enjoyable especially if the route is very scenic and the traffic moves very fast.  But it can also be frustrating when you are stuck in big traffic and you are not even moving a bit because of an accident miles ahead.  If you are in a hurry, this might be very stressful on your part.  Anything can happen on the road so we should always be ready.  And of course, we should ask the Almighty to let his angels guide us in our travels.

My darling daughter and I visited Mom and Dad the past weekend.  On our way, not even 20 minutes after we got off Hwy 205 (Terrell, TX), I already a very long back up.  I wondered if I will be able to squeeze and get on the I-20 heading East.  Good thing someone let me in the lane.  We were moving really slow.  I thought I would check what’s going on so I tried looking at traffic news on my phone.  Good thing I still have lots of data that I was able to open and use the Internet.  I found out there was a major accident miles ahead that made the traffic move like a snail.

I called Mom, Dad, and my husband (he didn’t come with us because he wanted to stay home and mow the grass in the yard which grown almost three feet high because of the large amount of rain we got in the past two weeks) to tell them we’re stuck in big traffic.  They were worried.  But after more than 30 minutes, we started to move fast.  Thank goodness we arrived at Mom and Dad’s around 7:00 P.M.

In huge traffic jam like that, you just have to keep your cool.  If you get frustrated and stressed quickly, you’ll start doing ugly things on the road.  Then there’ll be a problem.