Success On The Challenge

Success!!! I passed the driving/road test this morning. After failing Wednesday last week for bad left turns, I did them today real good. Woohoo! Plus, my parallel parking went well after practicing hard for an hour yesterday.

Now I can drive by myself going to and from work. Also I can drive and have lunch with my husband.

Another challenge is successfully done. I am so proud of myself for passing the road test. Driving is a continuous learning process. I know, I need to work on my control more. Becoming a good driver needs the right attitude and discipline.

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Starting To Cool In The Fall

‘Glad I was scheduled to work closing today. I had to go to work at 12 noon. To me it’s fine because I did not have to walk to the store this morning. It was so cold outside. My husband drop me off to work.

We had a severe thunderstorm and heavy rains last night that is why it is cold and overcast. And Fall begins. Cool weather is expected to take over. I will be chilling again walking to work in the mornings. Brrr!

I am praying to pass the road test before my husband and I leave for a vacation so I will be driving legally when we come back.

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Proceeding To The Next Goal

We have a huge sale going on at the store. All the discontinued style and old stock merchandise are on sale now because the store is starting to display new stuff for the fall and winter season. Imagine, August is here. A couple of weeks to bear the summer hear. But before we know it, we will feel the wind starting to cool again next month.

I hope I can take the road test soon so I can drive to work in the winter. I do not want to walk to the store shivering in the cold. So far, I am doing pretty good in my driving practice. But the last things I have to practice more are parallel parking and backing up. As soon as I get these perfectly, I am ready to take the test.

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