Dress Rehearsal?

I was so aggravated by this clerk at JC Penney Portrait Studio. You know why? Here is the story:

We were supposed to have our family portrait taken this afternoon. About one o’clock in the afternoon I called all the photo studio nearby us but they are all booked, including the JC Penney in Rockwall. So I called the one in Fairview.

I said, “I want to schedule for portrait session. Is there a slot available for today (Sunday)…afternoon? The clerk (her name starts with W) asked me the time preference.

“How about 2 or 3 pm today?”, I answered.

“I can schedule you at 4pm today. Would that be alright?”, she asked.

“Sure. That’s fine with me.”, I said. So went ahead and scheduled for a photo session-4pm Sunday, March 20. The clerk got our names and other information. I told my husband about it and he’s okay with it.

Fairview is about 45-50 minutes from my house. We were so ready for the photo session. But when we arrived at the portrait studio (on time), the clerk said that the studio is already closed for the day. Wait a minute! We have a 4pm schedule right? She said there is nothing she can do about it because her register is already closed at 3pm.

I said, “What??? So what’s our conversation over the phone about?!”
“Let me check again.”, the clerk said. Then she apologized. She scheduled us for next Sunday! Isn’t that st***d? She asked if we want to keep the appointment for next Sunday. I said, “Thank you, but forget it!”

Grrr! I really wanted to pull her hair. We left the store. Two hours have been wasted because of a staff’s inefficiency. My husband said, “Well, this is like a dress rehearsal (talking to our baby girl).”

I thought we will have this portrait thing done. The goal for the week would be perfectly achieved. But, no. We will do it again next weekend. Good thing I asked the clerk’s name. That helped me keep on my ground. If you make appointments over the phone, do not forget to ask the name of the person you are speaking with just in case something is messed up.

To Earn From Blogging

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Wow Nice!

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Oh well. I am ready for the weekend. There’s going to be a big dinner tomorrow, I guess. To celebrate my honey’s birthday, his parents will be coming over to the house.

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