Delicious Foods At Mango Thai


My first time dining at Mango Thai Cuisine in Plano (TX) yesterday did not disappoint. The restaurant was located on West Park Blvd. and Preston Road. My girl friends ate lunch here after shopping.

It was a small place but it had a neat setting inside. The crew were looking sharp in their simple uniform. They were attentive and the service was fast.

Green Curry with Chicken
Yello Curry with Chicken

The food selection is impressive. I am not that familiar with Thai foods so I just ordered something that I used to get whenever I eat at an Asian restaurant–chicken curry. I ordered Yellow Curry with Chicken. My friend R had Green Curry with Chicken while K ordered Lard and rice and extra Spring Rolls. They will prepare the food according to the spice level preferred. I told the server to make my Chicken Curry in spice level Mild.

Spring Rolls with Chicken and Vegetables

Their lunch special is very affordable. And Happy Hours start at 2:00 P.M..

Lots of wine and drinks selection.

Here’s What You Can Do To Save Money On Dining Out

Nowadays that prices of basic commodities are rising, we try to do our best to budget everything in our households. Yet sticking to the budget doesn’t work sometimes especially when we are traveling.  More often than not, we buy stuff that we see along the way for personal keeps or as homecoming gifts.  The top three things you spend the most with when you travel are:

  1. Transportation – air tickets, rental cars, bus rides
  2. Food – dining out, food trip
  3. Accommodation – hotels, resorts, inns

We deserve a well-spent travel and vacation that is why we are saving money to be able to accommodate our travel needs.  When it comes to our day-to-day living, we cannot expect not to spend more than we should especially in dining out.  More people are eating out than eating at home.  Below are factors that affect this situation.

  • work schedule
  • inability to cook meals
  • celebration

For families with kids, eating out or dining out costs a lot.  So for the sake of saving, we tend to find restaurants where kids can eat free.  Honestly, I like the privilege where kids eat free at restaurants.  Of course, home-cooked meals are more family-oriented but treating our family to dine out once in a while is not bad.  For a full list of restaurants where kids can eat for free, please go to and let me know in the comments below if you have been in to one and how was your experience.

How To Become A Healthier Business Owner

a-bar  in a restaurant

As many business owners know, being healthy plays an integral role in enabling corporate leaders to push their companies into new levels of success and power. If you are constantly missing work for sick days or feel sluggish on the job, your level of productivity can be compromised. However, accessing and utilizing scientifically sound health tips can help you attain and maintain the stamina necessary to excel on the job. With that idea in mind, consider implementing some or all of the health strategies outlined below:

1. Optimize Your Work Environment.

One great way to become a healthier business owner is by optimizing your work environment. This will ensure that both you and your staff is not susceptible to a plethora of unwanted illnesses and office accidents. There are numerous things you can do to optimize the work setting, one of which is to regularly update your equipment. In the event that you work in the restaurant industry, you can shop online for great products with The company offers a wide range of great restaurant and refrigeration parts. Click here to learn more:

2. Develop (And Stick To) A Work Out Routine.

One of the best things business owners can do to boost their health is to develop a work out routine. Exercise has a wide range of important health benefits, including the improvement of memory and enhanced cognitive function. Unfortunately, many people start a work out routine but quit before they start to see real results. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, develop a routine that you really love and thereby increase the likelihood that you’ll actually want to do it. In many cases, it can be advantageous to attain an accountability partner. Studies indicate that people who have these partners are much more likely to stick to their exercise routine. Your accountability partner can be anyone from a walking buddy to a personal trainer.

3. Journal.

Being a business owner can be highly stressful. If you don’t find a venting mechanism that allows you to voice your frustrations and disappointments, you can become increasingly susceptible to sickness. To prevent this from happening, consider the value of keeping a journal. You can use the journal to “let it all out.” In addition to writing out fears and frustrations in your journal, you can also discuss your triumphs and success on the job and in your personal life. Many people who take this course of action say they feel much better!