The Tranquilest Vacation Destination Of All

I love the great outdoors.  When  I was still single I used to participate in outdoor activities like camping, excursion, and games.  Sometimes my friends and I go for an overnight swimming in a beautiful beach resort.  We enjoy doing that especially after the examinations in school.

Night swimming is fun.  We barbeque pork and chicken.  Some of my friends bring different kinds of cooked root crops like cassava, sweet potatoes, purple yam, and taro.  Others bring cooked plantain bananas.  Root crops are  good when your at the beach.  Their heavy in the tummy and you won’t easily get hungry even in lots of swimming, running, and jumping.  And when it’s time to settle down and relax, playing board games are a great past time.  Some of us around the resin deck furniture of the cottage while others are busy doing their thing at the beach.

Beach resorts are the coolest, tranquilest vacation destination of all.  They also have the undeniably adorable cottages and patio furniture.  Though some cottages or rooms don’t have air conditioning, the breeze from the sea keeps us cool at night.  That is why my friends and I love hanging out at a beach resort whenever our schedules meet.

What a nice memory of our simple adventures.

Superior Cleaning Services In New York City

A very clean and well-sanitized hotel is a desirable place to be whenever we are on a long vacation or in a short trip.  Staying in inexpensive hotels with great amenities surely gives us huge savings.  One of the few things I check upon checking in a hotel is the bathroom, bed and linens, and the carpets.  Yes.  I am very particular with those areas of the hotel room ever since.  Not only cleanliness is important to me but also the sanitation of the rooms because all guests deserve to be safe from germs especially the kids.

When my cousin and her family went on vacation in the East Coast, New York in particular, a bad hotel experience occurred  that lead to getting their hotel accommodation rate lowered down to like half of the normal price per night.  They saw hairs on the sheets and the carpet was sticky.  Take note, they have their one-year old daughter with them.  See?  That should be happening to hotels everywhere.  I mean, the hotel management should always be aware of the rooms’ furnishings.

I know hotels can get a professional nyc carpet cleaning service.  With full carpet cleaning service the rooms is bug-free and the carpet is very clean with sanitation.  Of course, they can choose the reliable cleaning service they want for a very reasonable price.

Choctaw Grant

So we made it on a trip to Oklahoma Sunday as part of our 4th wedding anniversary celebration.  But, we went to Choctaw Casino Resort in Grant, Oklahoma.  That was not the original planned destination.  We were excited to go to Durant but hotel accommodation rates are way too high!  Imagine the hotel room rate is $295 a night.  Despite of our eagerness to be there, there was no way we will be availing that price.  That was more than triple of the price we usually pay for one night.

Well, we found out that there is a tournament going on the whole two weeks there-The World Series of Poker Tournament.  That makes sense.  Players from other parts of the world come to the event.  Of course, lots of spectators too.

Though resort we’ve been is a chain of the one we used to visit, the area is small.  There’s an outdoor heated pool and tub, which is not very convenient because the pool is located by the parking area.  No wall whatsoever.  Apartment pools are quite better because they’re inside the premises.  Anyway, we played for a few hours while my MIL was babysitting our little one.

Outdoor swimming pool
Hotel bedroom

The hotel room looked very nice though.  I liked the furniture and the bathroom.  There’s a spacious closet where my baby girl enjoyed playing with the sliding mirror.  She thought it was an elevator door. There is no wi-fi Internet but the hotel provides LAN cable free of charge.  Not much of food selection in the buffet restaurant but the food was good.

LAN cable for the Internet

We were kinda guilty though because there was no other entertainment for kids besides the swimming pool, and we were not able to swim for the reason that it was breezy and cool Monday morning.  We only stayed overnight in the hotel.  So my baby girl did not get any recreation.  On our future travels, we will go to places that have amusement areas for kids.