I Want To Go Back To Puerto Galera Again

Whenever I think of summer, all I can think of are the beach, white sands, pineapples, coconut juice, and palm trees in the tropics.  I surely love the beach.

The first time my husband visited me back in 2007, we went to a beach resort in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.  The resort is called Puerto Galera (literally means “Port of Galleons”).  That was my very first time to have a vacation to other provinces.  I fell in love with the place.  No wonder the resort is one of the most visited attraction in the Philippines.  Besides enjoying a glass of pineapple juice by  the beach, diving, beach hopping, snorkeling, and sightseeing are the best activities here.  There are beautiful dive sites in Puerto Galera.  Diving lessons and diving gears are available.

summer in october
This picture was taken while we were beach hopping. And we were heading to Puerto Galera again.

When beach hopping, the boats were like the taxi on the water.  And when snorkeling, the boat will wait.  That was really cool.   We had our snorkeling gears like goggles and life jackets.

I cannot wait to go back to Puerto Galera again.  Hopefully, one of our next vacations will be in Oriental Mindoro.  It would be nice to take my daughter there and show her how beautiful the Philippines is.

Anxious To Be At The Resort

Today is the day we checked in at Sabin Resort Hotel.  Our stay at Don Felipe Hotel was nice and cozy, but we were anxious to transfer here at Sabin.  We were very anxious to be here and spend the rest of the vacation time in one of our favorite resorts.

hotel room
Happy to be back in Leyte.
hotel bathroom1
The hotel resort’s bathroom for Superior Room
hotel bathroom2
The shower
The pool
It’s a cloudy day but weather adds to the serenity of the place.
My friend from Dallas and her son came home for a vacation too. She and her family were having a get-together at the resort the day we checked in.
By the pool
Hubby and darling daughter strolled down by the pool. She’s anxious to get into the water.
My very first flower photo during the trip (as far as I know). 🙂

So my youngest sister and niece are with us.  They helped with packing all the stuff and they also helped with babysitting.  In a couple of days we will be going to my parents’ apartment for a visit.  In addition, we are going to have a small kids’ Christmas Party there too.  I am sure that kids will enjoy that.  For now, we have to relax to regain our energy from last weeks traveling.

We’ll Be Traveling In 90 Days!

Oh man!  In 90 days we are leaving for vacation to the Philippines.  We are just now realizing that, we now only have three months to prepare and accomplish the very important matters such as hotel bookings, car rentals, domestic flights reservation, and setting up sponsored children appointment.

Now that our Balikbayan Box full of holiday gifts has been picked up by Forex and on it’s way to California to be loaded in the vessel going to the Philippines, I am pretty much confident that the above-mentioned tasks will be taken care of and accomplished without stress.  Like I said before, this vacation will be busier.  My husband and I agreed that we want my younger sister to be the babysitter (for our little girl) during the vacation.  We are going to feel confident with a family/relative giving us extra hands to help.

What I am currently doing now is booking hotel rooms for December and January.  We know how busy hotels and resorts on the Holidays.  So as early as now, I want to make sure we get hotel accommodations confirmed for the season.  Our reservations at Cherry Blossoms in Manila, The Oriental Legazpi in Bicol, Don Felipe and Sabin Resort Hotel in Leyte, and Crowne Garden in Cebu are confirmed.  Next to my list is getting domestic flights booked.