The 5 Best Hotels for a Politically on Point Vacation

a-las vegas strip at night

Nothing says “relaxing vacation” like a political feud, right? If debating with your dad about Obamacare makes you cringe more than a kick to the ankle, Hipmunk is here to help. If some of your friends and family idolize JFK while others consider the Bush compound their ideal destination, use this hotel guide to divide and conquer your vacation planning. All in favor?

1.The Hudson Hotel- New York, NY

This sleek, tech friendly outpost is perfect to plan for the Democrat’s urban wanderings. The in-house beerhall, artisanal burgers and rooftop cocktail bar will satisfy the choosiest of eaters and the English garden will offer a them a respite from their city wanderings. With Hillary kicking off her campaign in nearby Brooklyn, Dems will be pleased by a Hudson Hotel stay. Donkey Approved

2.The Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

When Repubs want to kick back on vacation, they prefer a beachside getaway to traipsing around a city. The Mandalay Bay brings the beach to you with 2,700 tons of real sand, a 1.6 million gallon wave pool and 100 rentable cabanas, day beds, bungalows and personalized villas on the premise. The easy shuttle service eliminates any public transit need, which will also please your Republican counterparts. Elephant Approved Donkephant

3. The River’s Edge Hotel, Portland, OR

The lush forests, hoppy microbreweries and artisanal donut shops that would attract any Democrat to Portland are easily accessible from this boutique hotel. If you are in a bipartisan travel party, the River’s Edge has something for all to enjoy. While Dems strap on their reusable water bottle and bike along the Williamette River, Republicans can take a spa day to unwind. Hooray for agreement across party lines. Donkephant Approved

4. Hotel Zetta, San Francisco, CA

Ah San Francisco, home to rolling (insanely steep) hills and urban tourism that rivals any US city. Hotel Zetta is nestled between SOMA and the Mission, a.k.a. Food Mecca. Traveling by taste through the local neighborhoods, Democrats will please their palate while taking in the vibrant and renowned street art and murals. Donkey Approved!

5.Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, FL

Considered one of the top golf resorts in the nation, Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando epitomizes relaxation. With its rolling, pristine golf course and prime location near the beach, Republicans won’t have to worry about the stress of the city in the perfectly 75 degree days of sunny Orlando. With a shuttle to and from the airport and local attractions like Universal Studios and Disney, the unpleasantries of travel are simply forbidden from an experience at Rosen Shingle. Elephant Approved!

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Holiday Homes

“Timeshare” is a term that was coined fifty years ago in the United Kingdom. It expanded on a vacation idea that was popular in Europe after World War II. For vacation or holiday home sharing, four European families would buy a vacation home together, and they would seasonally rotate occupancy.

Most holiday homes were owned by European families who were related to each other, since joint ownership involves an element of trust. However, few families vacationed for an entire season, so the original timeshare properties were often vacant for extended periods of time. It did not take long for enterprising Britons to consider a solution. Eventually, timeshares evolved into 1/50th ownerships, with two weeks a year set aside for maintenance and repairs.

The first United States timeshares emerged in the mid-1970s. They were owned by a corporation called Caribbean International Corporation (C.I.C), based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Rather than providing property ownership, it offered a “vacation license” that enabled license holders to alternate vacation weeks in the U.S. Virgin Islands of St. Croix and St. Thomas. The company maintained the accommodation for a small per diem charge and, if applicable, a switching fee. The license owners could rent or give away their week in any year.

© Juliensirard
© Juliensirard

The timeshare concept became popular with American vacationers and profitable for entrepreneurs. The concept attracted many prominent hoteliers and resort developers across the United States. According to recent documents, there were more than 1,600 timeshare resorts in the United States by 2006. The idea even spawned other occupancy concepts such as shared cars, planes, boats and luxury hotel units.

The timeshare industry is regulated in all countries where the resorts are located. European and national legislation regulate the industry in Europe. In Mexico, timeshare services recently underwent new standards. The industry has adopted a variety of structures including fixed week ownership, floating week ownership, rotating week ownership, vacation clubs and points programs.

Bluegreen Resorts Corporation is one of the most popular timeshare companies in the United States. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, it employs more than 4,500 workers according to About 170,000 vacationers avail themselves of accommodations at Bluegreen hotels, resorts and various cruise options.

For companies like Bluegreen, marketing vacation ownership interests (VOIs) is the core business. Their job is to sell and maintain these interests. Their target market purchases vacation points that are backed by deeded real estate that is held in trust.

The number of points required to stay at a timeshare resort varies based on a points chart. Members can request fractional weeks, full weeks and extend stays. The points allow for accommodations based on factors like resort popularity, size and seasonal popularity.

In 2000, Bluegreen became one of the first timeshare companies to establish cross-industry marketing agreements, first with Bass Pro Inc. and recently with Choice Hotels. The company also develops land into residential and golf course communities.

Bluegreen also gives back to the communities they serve in a variety of ways. Two of the company’s philanthropic involvements include the American Red Cross and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).


Back From Singapore

My mother-in-law and party are back from their vacation in Singapore.  They arrived Wednesday afternoon and she stayed a couple of days at her son’s house before going home to Tyler.

While in Singapore, they send emails and photos updating us of their activities and the scenery.  They went on a city tour and they had a great time in Sentosa Island. I told my mother-in-law and my dear husband that what I look forward to experiencing in Singapore is the Sentosa Island.

Before heading home, mom and my sister-in-law stopped by at our house to see us (me and darling daughter) Friday afternoon.  I was excited to hear about their vacation and see pictures from their getaway.  Besides from being clean, they were amazed by Singapore’s outstanding architecture shown in the building structures.  One of them is the Marina Bay Sands Resort.

Marina Bay Sands. Photo credit to D. Sefcik (my sister-in-law)

This luxury hotel and resort offers an undeniably spectacular vacation experience while in Singapore.  There’s a shopping, casino, museum…and oh, the amazing skypark, too.  I would love to go here!  And see the skypark located on  that boat-shaped structure.  And I would be very happy to share the experiences.  Sponsor, please…

We are glad that mom and party got home safely.  They didn’t have problems with their flights.  They brought homecoming gifts from Singapore for me, DH, and DD.  DH got a new polo shirt and a lighter.  I got a new summer romper dress and new slippers.  DD got a new toothbrush holder, purple little kid mud, and slippers, too (smaller version of what I got).  🙂

My new slippers.
Wearing my new romper dress. I love the color!